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The question of purpose is one that has been on the minds of mankind since the dawn of civilization. There seems to be an innate need in us humans to have meaning and purpose to our lives, and we seek for it with great passion. Religion seems to be the place most of us turn to for answers, because that is where we think we will find God….and if God is the creator of all then surely He had a purpose for us in mind. The problem that quickly arises is which religion is the right one that will tell me “For What Purpose was I Made?”

In trying to answer this question of purpose by using my own intuition and ability to reason about such matters, I have come to the conclusion that I must first start by asking myself: what purpose would I give my life if I were the creator of it? Since all I really have is my own innate ability to reason and judge what is true, then I shall begin with my own sense of purpose.

The first question I ask myself is: what gives my everyday life purpose? For me everyday purpose is drawn from helping my fellow man, making their lives happier and better, doing for them what I would like done for me. When I contribute in whatever way to others, I find myself benefitting greatly and having a sense of fulfillment….thus, purpose is drawn from following my heart, or one might say: “Following your Bliss”. This idea of following ones bliss can be directly seen as purposeful; for every action on my part if a positive response is received, then that reinforces my own innate sense of meaning and purpose. My next step would be to compare my innate sense of purpose with others and see if it is something I share with them.

Looking to a religion to give one answers to understanding God, and our purpose on this planet seems to be a hit and miss situation with no real way to discern if what a specific doctrine is telling me is true, whereas when I search my own soul and follow it I am able to draw a much clearer sense of purpose, and act upon it with my whole being.

So, if I had to sum up my understanding of the purpose to my life from looking into myself, I would have to say that it comes down to:

1. “Treating others as you want to be Treated”, and

2. “Following your Bliss.”

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