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In all the animal kingdom there is no imbalance between male and female, except the male imposed imbalance of humans. If all of life had the same supposed male/female imbalances that men have proposed to be of “God” through books such as the Bible, and the female of the species were truly the weaker of the sexes, then that would create a disadvantage, thus women would have a lesser chance of survival, so before long the female of the human species would die out.


No greater harm has been done to women than the mythological story of Adam and Eve etched in the stone of history. From its inception, the seed of women’s inferiority to men is planted in the mind of the reader and spoken with the authority of “God”. In the story of the Garden of Eden, all the animals that were given to Adam to name were balanced, male and female; it is only in the human species that Yahweh chose to create first the male. Yahweh then proceeded to give to Adam all the animals of his creation to name…desperately hoping he would find a mate in order to create balance. When Adam had named every creature under Yahweh’s heaven he is left in a state of despair, no mate does he find to bring balance and wholeness to his life. Instead of Yahweh creating a mate for Adam in the same manner as with all his other creatures, he chose to create the woman out of a part of the man. This biblical invention of woman coming from man is in direct opposition to the normal mode of creation in nature which is always life being born of the female, thus in the second chapter of Genesis the imbalance begins to shift towards the male. If it only had stopped there the struggle of women would have been far less severe, but it didn’t…this was only the beginning of Yahweh’s misogynistic ways.


Sometime after Eve’s birth from Adam, Yahweh decides to temp the naïve couple with a desire too enticing for Eve to withstand, given her “God-imbued” hunger for knowledge. That temptation was a food bearing tree more desirable than any other tree in the Garden…not only for food, but also wisdom. Yahweh forbade his perfect couple from partaking of the tree on fear of death, but he wasn’t totally honest with them, letting the childlike nature of Adam and Eve (who did not even know what death was) lead them into the waiting arms of the serpent. In this myth it is the serpent who speaks the truth to the inquisitive Eve by telling her that she will not die from eating the fruit, she will only have her eyes opened and become wise. Anyone who remembers back to their own childhood, or has had children knows their inquisitive nature…humans want to learn, so why does the Bible present this quality that is innate within us all as being the reason for sin? And to make things worst the punishment for this innate desire to acquire wisdom was expulsion from their garden home and curses that would be passed on to all of mankind.


Another glaring example of Yahweh’s misogynistic tendencies was the nature of Eve’s curse, where we see that the punishment far exceeds the so called crime. Comparing Eve’s crime of seeking to fulfill the desire that she was created with and her punishment of pain in childbirth and ruler-ship of the man past on to all future generations, to her son Cain’s crime of murder and his punishment of being marked, so no man would kill him a great disparity emerges with leniency being skewed towards the male. Also, the curse that Adam was given of “toiling the land by the sweat of his brow” was equally given to the women who also had to toil the land as much or more than the man. All in all there is an egregious disparity in the way Yahweh deals with women as opposed to men which continues throughout the pages of Scripture.


The Bible is a valuable book that holds many treasures concerning our history, but it must be read with a critical eye so that its wisdom can be seen as a useful tool instead of a cage keeping the mind trapped in primitive ways of thinking.

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