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Like half the population I was born female, with the same desires to learn and grow to my full potential as my male counterparts. Why is it then that so many religious men believe that the intelligent mind that created the universe is a male god who chose to create the female of the species explicitly to be ruled over and subject to the capricious whims of men? Many Christians believe that the plan of God from the beginning was to set up a hierarchical order which places the man in complete control and ownership of the lives of half the population. Supposedly these men have nowhere near the intelligence of their god, yet this god chose to cater to their more aggressive and dominating nature by handing over to them the well being of the female gender, which is on par with a parent giving their young son complete rule and authority over his sister. Men, who don’t give a second thought about fulfilling their own desires, somehow feel that women who have those same desires should be denied them according to “the man’s discretion.”


The vast majority of the 2 billion plus Christians on the planet today would say that slavery is wrong, even though it was condoned in the Old Testament; the same goes for stoning people for adultery which was commanded by God, yet somehow the subjugation of women still persists in the minds of fundamentalist men today as being part of the biblegod’s order. Many Christian men, who would reject slavery and stoning outright, see no problem whatsoever with depriving women of equal human rights. It makes a rational person wonder if these men aren’t just picking and choosing those things which they can get away with. The Old and New Testaments are fraught with human rights violations that are condemned by most modern Christians, yet there is no such condemnation of the secondary status that many women continue to be subjected to in the Church. It is time for Christians to open their eyes to the great disparity that is being taught, and call it what it is – “A human rights violation.”

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