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I am growing weary of the same repetitious justification for the many biblical incidences of mass slaughter commanded by Yahweh.  Over, and over again the same tired excuses are made for the utter destruction of every man, woman and child…commanded by the biblegod, and carried out by the Hebrew soldiers. The incidences are too numerous to quote here, but can be easily found by anyone who has access to a Bible. The accounts themselves can be attributed to historical events in which primitive barbarians acted upon what they perceived to be instructions from a deity; the problem arises when modern folks seek to justify such acts as being necessary to rid the world of evil. If we applied the same logic to our modern judicial system any person or group that committed what was considered wicked acts would not only be judged themselves, but judgment would also be brought down upon their entire family and neighbors that lived in the community. Now how insanely crazy is that?


To a rational thinker this pattern of thought seems “off the charts” crazy, but this is exactly the lengths that biblical apologists must go to in order to excuse the biblical god of his barbaric behavior. Time after time we read in the Bible where whole cities are massacred because of the sins of the adults, is that justice? One apologist by the name of Clay Jones says that the law of the Old Testament commands death for those who participate in sinful behaviors like adultery, idol worship, and child sacrifice, and that is why all those cities of people were slaughtered. What I would like to ask is which of those sins did the children and babies participate in to be worthy of death? Again, I must reiterate, would any rational, thinking person ever considered it right to sentence a family, or a community to death because of the crimes of the leadership, no matter how horrific those crimes are? The innocent are never responsible for the crimes of the guilty.


It’s one thing to ignore the “terrible texts” of Scripture and go about ones daily devotion to their god, but entirely another thing to write articles justifying behavior that only primitive barbarians participated in. People need to wake up and speak out against the “terrible texts” and the “sins of Scripture” and quit allowing religion to twist and pervert their morals. Just think of all the innocent children who learn in Sunday school that it’s okay to kill entire families and take the young girls away to be raped, all because adult members of the family were participating in what the Bible defines as sinful behavior. How can anyone with one ounce of compassion or empathy allow such teaching to be propagated without condemning them in the strongest language possible?

Throughout the Gospels it is written that Jesus speaks out against the way religious leaders were interpreting many of the Old Testament laws that were given to the Jews by their god Yahweh, so why didn’t he also speak out against the inequality of women that was also written in the law? For example when the Jews sought to stone the woman caught in adultery they were carrying out the law given to Moses by Yahweh; instead of rebuking those who were carrying out the law, Jesus should have condemned the law itself and rebuked his father who gave it. Jesus could have said: this woman is of equal value to a man, so why is not the man here also to be stoned? If Jesus would have set a precedent by speaking up and declaring that women are of equal value to men and deserve equal human rights, he could have changed the course of history with respect to women. Never in all of his words did Jesus ever resend one law with respect to women, nor did he ever condemn one atrocity against women commanded by Yahweh whom he called his father. Under the Law of Moses a man could condemn a woman to a death by stoning if she could not prove her virginity upon marriage, was any such law written for men…of course not…did Jesus ever mention that? No.


For all the magnificent words spoken by Jesus about his love for humanity, he failed miserably when it came to promoting equal human rights for women. Because of his negligence in regards to women’s rights, the apostle Paul also refused to speak up for equality of women, and instead reaffirmed the secondary position of women being in subjugation to men and considered property…this in turn has led to the continued discrimination against women in the Christian church up until today. Just imagine what could have been accomplished by a few positive words on the equality of women spoken by Jesus? It wouldn’t have taken two thousand years for women to gain equal rights, with no thanks given to the authors of the Bible. Not only was the status of women as property upheld by Jesus, but also the legitimacy of slavery was endorsed by him which leads to the inevitable conclusion that the god Jesus called his father did not believe in human equality.

Have you ever wondered why part of God’s plan for sacrificing his son included torturing him? If one looks back at the Hebrew sacrificial system contained in the Bible, held by believers to be given of the biblegod, it doesn’t include torturing the animals that are to be sacrificed. The animals are killed in a humane way by slitting their throats; this wasn’t the case with Jesus. Supposedly the whole plan of salvation, construed in the mind of Yahweh included not only the horrendous death of being crucified, but also the inhumane act of being beaten to a bloody pulp by flogging.


If the biblegod needed a human sacrifice to fulfill his plan of saving people from their sins, why was it necessary to torture that person to death? If it was the death itself that was needed, what was the use of the agonizing torture that led to it? Does Yahweh delight in human suffering? The authors of the Bible seem to think so. God could have chosen to have Jesus killed without torturing him, but he didn’t…why?

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