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A nationwide poll in 2009 reported that 40% of the American population believes that the first two humans were created within the past 10,000 years. If that is the case, why does one suppose that God chose to create humans with practically hairless bodies…that is to say naked? Having fur or feathers is extremely advantageous when it comes to keeping warm and protection, so why of all the animals did God chose to make humans the most vulnerable in that manner? Even in tropical climates people wear clothing for protection and use blankets to cover themselves with for sleeping.


The Garden story posits human nakedness as the way God created the first humans, Adam and Eve, yet all the other animals were given fur, feathers or extremely tough hides or scales. It does seem rather convenient that Adam and Eve were created naked, given the theme and outcome of the Garden story. When the forbidden fruit was eaten the consequence was the revelation to the hairless couple that they were naked, thus they sewed fig leaves together to make aprons for themselves. This knowledge of nudity was the secret contained in eating from the tree of good and evil, giving God the clue he needed that they had eaten from its fruit. Imagine if the naïve couple had a coat of fur like their primate cousins, what would then have been the consequence of eating the forbidden fruit? Read the rest of this entry »

When most people think of the Bible they think in terms of it being a moral guidebook, but is it really? The Bible does not teach morality per say, it teaches obedience. Starting with its first book, the Bible declares the most important law is obedience, and shows that it was solely because of disobedience that Adam and Eve were banished from their garden paradise, cursed by Yahweh, and the cause of mankind’s sin. No lesson of morality is contained in this story, or taught in either their disobedience or the curses that were decreed upon them, just the actions of a vengeful god and his demand for obedience. Adam was told by Yahweh that death would be the outcome of eating from the Tree, yet death did not happen…rather curses were decreed upon them from an angry god for their disobedience. Eve was cursed for desiring to be wise, because she didn’t obey Yahweh’s command, yet Solomon was praised for desiring to be wise and given abundant wisdom…the only difference was obedience. Read the rest of this entry »

The differences in motherly love versus fatherly love become quit clear if one digs into the nature of each. A mother’s love for her baby begins as one of an unconditional nature; she must love her offspring regardless, because without that unconditional love her offspring cannot survive. This unconditional love continues all through the childhood years, and more often than not a mother’s love remains unconditional for a lifetime. Motherly love is unconditional, it is the love given to a child with no expectations; it is not earned, and requires no work. Nothing is done to deserve this love; it is given merely because the child exists. The child is loved because he is, “I am loved because I am”


Fatherly love on the other hand is many times based on a “conditional” love that must be deserved, it can be lost if one does not do what is expected. In the nature of fatherly love lies the fact that obedience becomes the main virtue and disobedience the main sin…its punishment the withdrawal of fatherly love. Since this love is conditional the child can do something to earn it, acquire it, or work for it. Its principle is “I love you because you fulfill my expectations” it says, “You did wrong and you must change your ways if you want me to like you.” The child is loved because he has earned it. This conditional love is the type of love one finds in the male god Yahweh, who is portrayed as, and called Father in Scripture. Jesus says of his father in John 12:26If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour”, showing the conditional aspect of earning God’s love. Read the rest of this entry »

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