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This month is the third anniversary of my blog which means its time for my annual progress report. My endeavor in writing has been to share with others what I have found in my search for understanding and truth and hopefully in some small way to better the world we live in.


My blog continues to be an active journal of my metamorphosis from the cocoon of Christianity to the freedom of a non-theistic butterfly. When I began my journey three years ago I never in my wildest dreams expected to end up as a person totally free from theistic bondage, but here I am flourishing with hope. In this past year I have continued writing articles on empowering women – calling 2013 “The year of the woman” – and creating a logo called “Empower Women, Educate Men”, I also finished my booklet on the Male Bias of the Bible. Until there is a global unity between the genders and the violence against women ceases the world will never truly attain its potential for peace. It is time to celebrate women instead of violating them. Women make up half the population of the world and give birth to the other half, so it’s time for every individual to be allowed to freely blossom into their full potential, without the constraints of men pushing them down. Sad to say most religions have done nothing to help and much to hurt the plight of women because of their support of patriarchal rule, which by its very nature oppresses women and denies them equal human rights. Read the rest of this entry »

The inevitable consequence of being self aware is the sense of being eternal. Once the self emerges into existence it becomes inconceivable to itself that it will cease to exist at some point. The fact of being aware of oneself creates a witness that perceives itself. To be self aware is to have knowledge or information about oneself and be able to communicate with ourselves. The only way we can understand anything is by how it interacts with something else or ourselves giving a point of reference and forming a relationship. To be able communicate and have a relationship with oneself and others is the essence of self consciousness. Read the rest of this entry »

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