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religionimagesIf one looks back through history it becomes consistently apparent how religious traditions are many times harmful. People in modern societies are usually only exposed to so-called cleaned up versions of their religion and are unaware of their harmful foundations. A good example is the foundation of Christianity which begins in the Old Testament, there one will find many traditions such as slavery and ownership of women that have slowly been sanitized in modern times, but nevertheless still greatly influence fundamentalist teachings. All major religions share a patriarchal background, thus their traditional practices are based on assigning gender roles that discriminate against women, and this blatant bias is at the heart and soul of their doctrines. The subtleties of how women should dress and their roles of “homemaker” to the outright restriction of positions in the church all add to the overarching bias that all patriarchal religions hold. One of the worst blights to be cast upon women from biblical patriarchy is the curse of the witch;  this has perpetrated great harm and caused the death of more innocent women then any other single decree. The idea of wise women being labeled as “evil witches” by men afraid of losing power is one of the most dreadful effects caused by patriarchal ruler-ship, also the idea that homosexuality is bad and worthy of death is another harmful practice that is derived from religion. Read the rest of this entry »

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