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powerimagesA common thread that runs through all those who aspire to rule the lives of other people is the love of power and of being worshiped. There is not one dictator plucked from the annals of history that doesn’t share with his fellow rulers the love of obeisance from his minions. Above all else, the drive to obtain power and authority over ones fellow humans is what drives and compels these men to pursue the path to conquer and rule. The desire to be worshiped and praised by ones subjects is what these humans share with the gods they create (which should in and of itself be a clue as to the origins of these gods). There is not a human tyrant to be found, or a god that is read about in sacred texts who doesn’t demand worship and obedience, this in and of itself should raise the question of why human tyrants and their gods reflect each other so closely.  Under the guise of justice men who love power force their gods upon the innocent who have no choice but to obey, or suffer the consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 2013
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