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Exposing the Biased Nature of the Biblegod…

I became a Christian in my mid twenties, mostly because I finally found a place to posit the god I believed in from the time I was a small child. I was not raised in a Christian home, but developed a very close relationship with what I thought (through my own personal experience) was the creator of everything. This god of my childhood made me feel protected and secure so it was enlightening to finally find out about (what I thought was) his real nature through the Bible when I became a Christian. From the beginning of my Christian walk I encountered many problems with what I found written in the Bible (what I thought at the time was god’s word), but usually was able to explain away the immoralities and contradictions, or justify them to some degree. Things that I couldn’t resolve I simply set aside for another time. My Christian walk continued in that manner for around twenty eight years, till I was in my early fifties and for all that time I was able to justify my belief by isolating myself from opposing viewpoints. Because I mapped the god of my childhood onto the Christian god it never occurred to me to question the validity of his existence anymore then I would think to question the existence of my parents. God’s existence to me was just an aspect of reality and the Bible was his guide book, but all that changed in late 2009 when my husband and I began to ask questions. My questioning led me to look deeper into many of the previous problems that I had formerly pushed aside, one of which was the extreme male bias exhibited throughout the entire Bible. It was when I decided to face those problems head on that my Christian world began to crumble around me. Read the rest of this entry »

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