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naturalism_indexMy main focus in this article is on the religion of Christianity, which grounds its doctrines in the Bible versus naturalism. Imagine for a moment what the world would be like without the influence of the Bible or for that matter any other religious doctrine. If by a twist of fate, the Scriptures of the Old Testament disappeared into pre-Christian history, just as the mythological Ark of the Covenant did, the world would be free of three religions. Christianity was built off of Judaism, and Islam was built off of both Judaism and Christianity. The roots of the belief of innate human sinfulness lie in the teachings of Judaism in the Old Testament and were carried forth into the New Testament by teachers and writers like the apostle Paul. If I had to choose which doctrine in the Bible has caused the most suffering, I would have to pick the teaching of sin. The idea that innate sin somehow causes the evil in the world has wreaked havoc in the lives of so many people, it is beyond measure.


Something that many people fail to realize is how well naturalism explains all the suffering, tragedy and atrocities that happen in the world … there is no need for a doctrine of sin, which only servers to blame humans for all of the planets suffering. Under naturalism things that naturally happen in the world are not fair and just, but they can be explained by natural laws and random chance, not because of the whims of a capricious deity. Humans do not cause natural calamities because of “sins” like lack of belief or ones sexual orientation as some Christians would have you believe. Read the rest of this entry »

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