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The US government should subsidize the installation of free solar panels to every citizen of this country. Individuals would still pay their local power companies for electricity and in turn the power companies would pay a federal tax to help offset the cost of the free solar panels supplied to the consumer. The massive amount of green-power that could be generated using this method would make a tremendous reduction in our carbon footprint. Working together, we can as a nation make a significant impact on climate change due to the excessive use of fossil fuels.


Another method of raising funds to help pay for the free solar panels could be gathered from a “Green Tax” levied on Cannabis sales. If the federal government were to legalize Marijuana like the states of Colorado and Washington have done, a green-tax could be imposed on it for the sole purpose of creating green-power. As it is, Marijuana prohibition costs this country billions of dollars in enforcement, and imprisonment, both on the state and federal level. It’s time to wise up and earn money from a harmless plant that is medically beneficial, instead of going into debt by keeping it illegal.


Just imagine, as Marijuana lights up people’s minds, and the sun lights up solar panels, our country could light up its homes with green-power! There are so many people like myself who would love to contribute to creating green-power, but are prohibited from doing so due to the high cost of purchasing and installing solar panels, even with the tax incentives that are already in place. Together, we as a nation, with the power of the sun can make it happen!


Go Green Power, Go Sun Power!

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