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genderbiasimagesBelow is a portion of a comment I received the other day on a blog article I wrote, titled Women: Disrespected and Dishonored in the Bible. One line from her comment jumped out at me and I chose to use it as the title of this article, because it describes so well the role women play in the Bible … that of submitting to the man and being used as an instrument for his happiness.


“Women are disrespected in the bible. It is dishonest and quite a spin to claim otherwise. How many men want to line up and submit to their wives? How many husbands want to have to always surrender their wants, wishes and desires to those of their wife? How many men want to be told that their wife has the right to control every single aspect of their life? How many men want to be told they must obey their wife and to do otherwise is to sin. I don’t think too many men would volunteer for that. However, since God created us I guess He can decide which vessels are for honor and which are for dishonor and obviously the women is the vessel for dishonor. God made us and that is His right. You can deny this but you are not being honest. It would be better to just admit it and then work on how to make it as painless as possible for women. Obviously men are God’s favorites and everything He did is intended to help them achieve happiness. Women are merely instruments for men’s happiness and if they want to go to heaven they must accept their lowly position.”


I am saddened that a woman, who sees so clearly the male-bias of the Bible, has chosen to resign herself to the fact that it must be true. I know this is the case for countless women who have been indoctrinated from the teachings of the Bible, into thinking that they must take the submissive role in male/female relationships. For many years I too was a firm believer in the teachings of the Bible as the word of god, but my eyes were finally opened when I began to look deeply into the strong biases against women that are found throughout the Old and New Testaments. Verses such as the one below epitomize the role of women in fulfilling the desires of men. Read the rest of this entry »

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