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My blog has been up for over four and a half years, during which time I have documented my journey from being immersed in the religious dogma of Christianity, to becoming an open minded free-thinker. My travels have led me from grounding my purpose in life in the god of the Bible, to finding a new and fresh understanding of living a meaningful life without the need for the presence of a divine being. I have discovered that the most rewarding and fruitful endeavors of life lie in helping and sharing our experiences with others, whether it be a spontaneous act of kindness, or working to leave the portion of the world you live in a better place than it was before … all reward your life with meaning. I cannot think of a greater joy than to share the freedom I have found in allowing my love of life to spill over onto others by my actions. The longer I live life as a free-thinker the more I realize how absolutely wonderful it is to be able to allow my mind to roam the expanse of the universe in search of understanding, not being constrained by constrictive dogmas and having to conform to the doctrines of religions. Here is a saying contained in the Kalama Sutra from the Buddha that sums up my philosophy.


“It is natural that doubt should arise in mind.  I tell you not to believe merely because it has been handed down by tradition… or because it is commonly believed, or because others have told it to you, or even because I myself have said it.  But whatever you are asked to believe, ask yourself whether it is true in the light of your experience, whether it is in conformity with reason and good principles, and whether it is conducive to the highest good and welfare of all beings.”


One of the main differences between religions and philosophies is that most religions are born out of an authoritarian mindset and are composed of a set of doctrines and dogmas given by a deity, whereas philosophies are generally learned through experience and critical thinking. As the words of the Buddha say … we should test all our beliefs against the highest good and welfare of all beings.

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