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The other day on a social media site called “Quora” an interesting question was asked about why generally speaking the females of many animal species are smaller than the male. A person responded by asking the questioner to look at it from a different perspective and ask the reverse instead … why are malesĀ  generally larger than females? When the question was rephrased, the answer is strikingly obvious.


In most of the animal world it is the male who fights for the right to mate with a female, and generally speaking it is the strongest and biggest male who wins the privilege of being chosen by the female to breed. Consequently, it is the strongest and most fit male who passes on his genes making his offspring the strongest and most fit for that environment.


As this evolutionary process continues generation after generation, the males become larger and stronger. Females on the other hand have a different set of selection pressures that act upon them, such as females who are most fertile and take care of their young the best are naturally the ones whose offspring survive and reproduce, thus passing on the genes for those qualities. When the question is approached from this angle it is quite easy to see what makes the evolutionary process work so well in allowing the most fit to pass on their genes. This logical approach is far different from the religious approach which arbitrarily states that god made men bigger and stronger than women so they could rule over them!


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