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My husband Richard and I operate the Bible Wheel Forum, it was started as a place to talk about the Bible Wheel, but has become much more than that….it is a place for folks to have good conversation and share ideas on just about everything. Richard is also the author of the Bible Wheel book, and Web site, which displays an amazing pattern of connectivity between the 66 books of the Bible.

After 2 1/2 years of posting on the Forum I decided it was time to stretch my wings and explore the world of the Blogosphere. This site was designed by Richard to give me my own space in which to share my freedom as a butterfly, expressing my ideas about God, or whatever else is on my mind.

To keep my readers up to date on where I’m at I do a “once a year” progress report which can be found at the links below.

First annual progress report 2011

Second annual progress report 2012

Third annual progress report 2013

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  • Laurie:


    I came upon the Bible Wheel website while looking up the number 666 and gold. I was looking for the verse that named 666 as the “number of a man”.

    Started because I was watching a program that mentioned that the congresswoman, Gabriel Giffords, who was shot in the head, was progressing miraculously. Got me thinking about the beast who would recover from a “head wound”. During the program, they also mentioned that Bill Clinton has made himself into a well loved international figure, and they mentioned he may be the greatest politician of his time… I don’t know, just train of thought stuff, what with all that is going on in the world right now…

    Anyway, I came across your blog, and was amazed. I have read a lot of your musings/ideas/thoughts… and I like what I am reading. A lot of food for thought. Thank you.


  • Gil:

    Howdy Rose,
    Nice site.
    Think I’ll read a little of what you have to say.
    A Butterfly presents a nice picture.
    Will pop in a few comments.


  • Joy Martin:

    Dear Rose, (beautiful name..my mom’s name is Rosemary)
    I am so happy to have discovered the Bible wheel site and your blog “Godandbutterfly.” I am a prophetic Christian artist and have always been drawn to butterflies, circles, sunsets, and, of course, the cross (go figure)! I am also an English teacher and have always read stories symbolically and, by nature, have searched for symbolism in religious art. Tonight, ironically as the planets align, the dots are connecting in the beautiful divine art of God’s creation. When I saw how the the Bible wheel circle lines up with the solar system, a nautical shell, and connected Judaism and Christianity, I was amazed! I am currently working on a bowl to be auctioned off for “Soups for Souls” for the Neighborhood Christian Center where I live. I plan to go on a mission trip this summer to the Holy City and I wanted the bowl to have a design related to Matthew 28:19-20 and I envisioned a wheat field to symbolize the harvest. At first, I was going to paint a blue sky with clouds, but then I searched images on google for Matthew 28:19-20 and found a beatiful image of a wheat field with a sunset. Instead of painting the sun on the horizon, I have painted the sun as a full circle just above the horizon with the light from the sun’s rays illuminating the Bible wheel (i painted this hours before discovering the Bible wheel on the internet). Now I am awestruck by the symbolism I didn’t even realize that He was creating through me. I am thinking about painting a faint dove to represent the Holy Spirit in the middle of the circle. This is still a work in progress, as I pray for God to direct my brush strokes. The whole creative process for me takes days of research, Bible study, prayer, praise music, and “being still and knowing that He is God.” I will try to post or email you an image of the finished work. I was amazed at how your stained glass window of the Bible wheel was illuminated at sunset! That made me think of the painting on the bowl that I had already started and the sunset revealing the glory of the Master Creator over the mission field. As for the butterflies, I have been painting images of butterflies for years with religious symbolism of new life. To me, the caterpillar is our earthly physical living body and the butterfly is our heavenly spiritual living body that will one day be with Christ. I look forward to reading your blog and reading and learning more about the Bible wheel. One last thing, a couple of nights ago, I was researching Messianic Jewish prophetic art and found a symbolic from the early church of the New Testament that was inscribed on an artifact. It had a menorah with a triangle and a fish with a triangle. The two triangles overlapped forming the Star of David if I am remembering it correctly in my mind’s eye. Have you ever seen this image? It makes me think of the visual posted on Bible Wheel for Zach.’s vision. Just some thoughts…more to come soon. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless the ministry of you and your husband all the days of your life!
    Your Sister in Christ,

  • Rose:

    Hi Joy, I would very much enjoy seeing your painting of the sun illuminating the Bible Wheel when it is finished. Your encounter with the Bible Wheel hours after beginning your painting sounds like one of those wonderful synchronicities that has happened so frequently in my life. Like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly my ideas on the meaning of the Bible Wheel have changed tremendously since beginning my blog 2 years ago. Though the patterns of the Bible Wheel remain as valid as ever, I no longer believe it was designed by the God spoken of in the Bible, because I no longer believe that God to be real. After countless hours of searching for answers I have come to the realization that the God of the Bible was formed in the minds of Bronze Age men and written by their hands. Any being that would be capable of creating the universe could not be as morally corrupt and biased against women as we find Yahweh of the Old Testament to be. I am sorry to say that Yahweh fits the perfect description of a male tribal war god that one finds in many other religions of the same time period.

    If you read through my blogs you will see that my heartfelt search continues to try and understand how such an awesome work of art like the Bible Wheel could have come to be. As always my mind remains open…that’s what got me started in the first place.

    All the best,

  • Luke:

    I personally think the Bible is written the way it is meant too. I think the Real God let man write it in “Bronze Age” terms but encoded it with the pathway from 666 to 777. This 777 is right at the beginning of the bible where the real God introduces himself/herself!

    The whole bible is a mathematical miracle and transcends even worrying about whether there is a God or not because it WAS inspired from outside time. The real God is timeless.

    The path I believe is to make the transformation from 666 to 777 in your heart and be saved in the image of Jesus. Jesus is definitely different from our old testament idea of God but I believe we also need to put him in perspective as using the Jewish religon to reveal who the true God is. Somehow he needed to conform to their customs and maybe even the writers of the gospels did. So the trick is to look beyond some of that 2000 year old history and realise the real God is love.

    To add to that we don’t belong on this earth. I think apes were made to remind us of the 666 beast we are. I think the old testament antics of man shows the beast and that is why the real God let it be written like that. I think some of these religous people are in for a shock when they realise the real God is pure love and will only allow us to stay in this world until we reach 777 or more to the point Jesus who came from outside time did that for us as we couldn’t do it. But we try!

    The fact Jesus had to die on a cross when he is the logos(word) from the real God to “save us” in his image is a fairly big hint. I do believe the real God outside time and space does want us to search for these answers and has not made it too simple.

    1.Love the God of love with all your heart and soul.
    2.Carry your burden in this world.
    3.Forgive others as we are all caught up in this flesh and some people have lost their minds over it.
    4.Enjoy the days that are good.
    5.At the end look forward to going and dwelling with the Alpha and Omega(God of time) in a more perfected image after the fires of this world.
    6.This world will teach you how to love if you let it and Jesus points out the way, truth and the life. I also believe he overcame the world for everyone but it is our priviledge to aim for his likeness.

    • Rose:

      Hi Luke, thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment. I’m not sure where you came up with your idea of god, but he is certainly not the biblegod.


  • Luke:

    Check this out:


    Take the star which equals 2701(In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth) and fold it. You get 6 triangles. Unfold it and you get 7 parts like a flower blooming. Why I say God is the “God of time” is because when man put verse 1:1 I’m sure he was not thinking I need to make this equal 2701. Also the hebrew values were not even around when this verse was created so God can see all time.

    The bible is valid but encoded. The way I sleep at night is by trying to work out how to achieve the 777. What are the attributes when we unfold the star is what I’m trying to work out. Maybe there are six things we need to achieve with God in the middle?

    Without these numbers the bible is full of violence. With these numbers its a standing miracle and I can see the message. the face of God!

  • Rose:

    You are very right that the Bible is filled with violence and immorality perpetrated by its god, that is one of the reasons I can no longer believe in the biblegod. If there is an intelligent mind behind the universe, it most certainly cannot be the type of god that the Bible portrays. The Bible Wheel still remains a mystery as to the origin of its design, so my search continues.

  • Luke:

    I just joined the Biblewheel site which led me here so I will be posting over there. The Bible is a standing miracle mathematically etc.

    You are right about the bible having an origin of design and it is too perfect for man to have done it. My theory is that the old testament is a parable and I just have to unlock it. Jesus spoke in parables. He even said to forgive someone 77 times. Surely he did not mean that in the literal sense?

    I am just starting on this journey but I’m going to try and work out if the bible is hinting at something else. Like in the book of Joshua surely they did not literally blow 7 trumpets to bring the walls down? – If that is the case then they didn’t kill anybody either. Maybe it is talking about killing sin and the children of sin within yourself(spiritually). It’s just a theory at the moment but I’ll see how it goes. I want to see God as God and not immoral, jealous or angry.

    Current theory we were created = 666
    We transform to 777 through Christ.

    One loop is what about the people who do not have that chance like children dying of illness etc. Do some people come into this world to inspire others like myself who is 33 and not ill?

    Is the world one big test where God sees the people who have good things and not much suffering and he wants to see how we deal with others less fortunate?

    My search also continues…

  • Nichole Barnett:

    Do you have a Facebook page? I would love to keep in touch. I was relieved to see someone who thought like I did and who had the same questions about gender equality of scriptures. I see so many contradictions in the bible its not even funny. I do not understand how people can dismiss these things. I am not atheist I was raised Pentecostal but I have been on a journey for truth and its starting to look like everything Ive been forced to believe is falling apart all around me.

  • Rose:

    Hello Nichole,

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. I am on Facebook, but I don’t have a public Facebook page. You can send a friend request to Rose Collins McGough if you like. Here is the link. I would love to chat with you.

    When I began my journey for truth I had no idea I would end up renouncing my faith, but I had no other choice. What I found in the Bible when I took an “open eyed” look was so disturbing to my soul that my faith was completely shattered. Now that I am on the other side of Christianity, the skies are much brighter and I am amazed I was blinded for so long. I like to describe my path as going from faith to freedom. I wish you the best in your search for truth …


    • Nichole Barnett:

      Thank you for the response. I am in the same position. I usually dont ask for personal fb profiles being that obviously sometimes there are pros and cons adding strangers. But, thank you for the response. I look forward to learning more about your experience and findings.

  • Mark (Guido Fawkes):

    I did not know until just now that you and Richard are married.

  • I believe in People helping People. I am a huge volunteer. I am blessed through God by Healing. I am Native American Shaman. Please LIKE my business page and get to know a little about me God Bless and Love and Light to you and yours


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