The Bible is an historical account of mans perception of “God” from the dawn of civilization to the ultimate presentation in the 1st century – when Jesus revealed the true nature of God to mankind. As we read through the Bible we find account after account of how a particular race of people (Jews) viewed “God” through their own myths, traditions, and customs of their time period. This historical biblical record ends with the final and highest account of God, and that is given by “Christ” in the 1st century.

Scripture is not meant to be an instruction book telling us how to live our lives by following ancient mans perception of God through their myths, customs, and traditions, but rather a progressive revelation of how man has perceived God throughout history. We as modern people with “enlightened minds” should look at those ideas, and concepts given us in the Bible, and use them as a measure of where we are at in our level of understanding of the true nature of God through our empathic capacity. How a person looks at and interprets what the Bible is revealing, directly reflects where he or she is at in their level of consciousness, and their understanding of the concept of God.

As mankind’s consciousness level raises, so does our empathic capacity which should in turn mature our understanding as to why the Bible has been preserved for us….not as a book which directs us to follow archaic customs and traditions of ancient man concerning their perception of God, but rather to be used as a rule of measure manifesting to us where we are at on the scale of human progress. Do we look at the horrendous stories contained in the Bible – that are presented to us as commands from God – with a moral judgment of condemnation, or with a motive of trying to justify what is presented to us as somehow being condoned by God? It is time for people with enlightened minds to stand up and declare the truth, instead of trying to justify, or sweep under the rug those things that seem to go against what we’ve been taught about the Bible.

If nothing else is gained from this article, I wished again to emphatically stress the idea that the Bible is not given to us as an instruction book that directs us to adhere to, and follow archaic customs and traditions of ancient peoples, but rather it is an account of how those ancient peoples perceived God through the mindset of the times they lived in; the highest account given being that of Christ, but that still is presented through the eyes of those who wrote down the words of Jesus from their time period. With this in mind, we can use those accounts as a rule of measure to judge our own perception of God, but by no means using the Bible as a command from God to return to, and be bound under those customs and traditions.

The more empathic a person is, the more he, or she is able to see that much of what is written in the Old Testament concerning the nature of God comes from the myths, customs, and traditions of the time-period, not from a true revelation of God. If we have truly risen to a higher level of human empathy, we should be able to see that clearly, thus the Bible becomes a measure of that standard.

The highest standard that the Bible reveals: “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Freedom & Equality”, should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind what the ultimate message of the Bible is about….anyone who teaches differently is in error.

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  • Anna:

    Well said! Thanks for eloquently putting into words what I have been trying to express for a very long time!

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