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The other day on a social media site called “Quora” an interesting question was asked about why generally speaking the females of many animal species are smaller than the male. A person responded by asking the questioner to look at it from a different perspective and ask the reverse instead … why are males  generally larger than females? When the question was rephrased, the answer is strikingly obvious.


In most of the animal world it is the male who fights for the right to mate with a female, and generally speaking it is the strongest and biggest male who wins the privilege of being chosen by the female to breed. Consequently, it is the strongest and most fit male who passes on his genes making his offspring the strongest and most fit for that environment.


As this evolutionary process continues generation after generation, the males become larger and stronger. Females on the other hand have a different set of selection pressures that act upon them, such as females who are most fertile and take care of their young the best are naturally the ones whose offspring survive and reproduce, thus passing on the genes for those qualities. When the question is approached from this angle it is quite easy to see what makes the evolutionary process work so well in allowing the most fit to pass on their genes. This logical approach is far different from the religious approach which arbitrarily states that god made men bigger and stronger than women so they could rule over them!




It is perfectly acceptable to disparage and mock racism, sexism or bias of any kind, it also should be equally acceptable to insult and criticize religions that deny people freedom to exercise their equal human rights. Religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism that teach sexism and human rights violations deserve to be criticized and mocked for the immoral values they are teaching, they are an insult to the modern intelligent mind and an affront to our moral sensibilities. Anyone who has read significant portions of the Bible, or the Quran and not come away feeling their innate sense of justice has been hugely offended, is in need of a taking a good look at their conscience to find what is lacking. I know it is quite easy to overlook and ignore offending passages in the sacred writings of one’s faith (I myself did so for many years), but when these issues are brought to their attention, only to have them try and justify those immoralities, one begins to wonder if there is not a serious lack of moral values. Read the rest of this entry »

Whether it be freedom of speech, expression or the freedom to be educated … the time is long past due for the world to stand united as one voice declaring equal human rights for all! Together we can make a difference.

marriageimagesFrom where is our right to marry given? Many Christians would say that the right to marry is given from their god and it only includes that which takes place between a man and a woman. If we stop for a moment and look at the origins of biblical marriage, one finds that it could include one man and hundreds of women. Only in the New Testament portion of the Bible, is marriage for a clergyman defined as being a man with one woman. Marriage is an institution made up by people coming from different cultures and as such encompasses many different rituals and beliefs; consequently no one should have exclusive rites to what defines a marriage.

Contained within our own Declaration of Independence is the phrase “All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, those words in and of themselves guarantee each individual the right to pursue happiness, and part of being happy is being with the one you love. Just because the norm for marriage is men and women does not mean is should be exclusively so. Every human has the right to well-being and having a life partner is part of a person’s well-being. It is long past time for the citizens of this country to stand up for the rights written into what defines our country as a land of religious freedom. Just as people of different faiths are granted the right to freely practice their religion, so should those of different sexual persuasions be allowed to freely choose those they wish to live with. Read the rest of this entry »

humanindexIn order to answer the question of whether or not science can determine morality, one must first define what is meant by morality. The standard for objective morality is based on whether something is right or wrong – fair or just, on the scale of human value. The Human Scale is what science can use to determine whether something is moral or not. If something is determined to be moral on the Human Scale, then its objective value can be determined … that is to say how it balances on a pair of scales. As humans, the only standard by which we can measure anything is from our human perspective, thus the Human Scale of values gives us an objective standard, since we are all human.


There seems to be a lot of confusion around what actually comprises morality. On one hand everyone on the planet would agree that rape or murder fall into the morality camp, but what about jealousy and envy which is listed as the tenth commandment? I would venture to say that most Christians would categorize the Ten Commandments as being ten moral principles, but are they really? The fourth commandment says to keep the Sabbath holy. Is it really immoral to worship on another day, or no day at all? What about the first commandment, which says to have no other god than the Biblegod, I would hardly call someone immoral merely because they either worshiped another god, or no god at all. Of the Ten Commandments that most Christians hold to be ten moral laws, only four at most qualify as having anything to do with morality. This is why the term morality must be defined. Read the rest of this entry »

powerimagesA common thread that runs through all those who aspire to rule the lives of other people is the love of power and of being worshiped. There is not one dictator plucked from the annals of history that doesn’t share with his fellow rulers the love of obeisance from his minions. Above all else, the drive to obtain power and authority over ones fellow humans is what drives and compels these men to pursue the path to conquer and rule. The desire to be worshiped and praised by ones subjects is what these humans share with the gods they create (which should in and of itself be a clue as to the origins of these gods). There is not a human tyrant to be found, or a god that is read about in sacred texts who doesn’t demand worship and obedience, this in and of itself should raise the question of why human tyrants and their gods reflect each other so closely.  Under the guise of justice men who love power force their gods upon the innocent who have no choice but to obey, or suffer the consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

In order for scientists to make a credible name for themselves, they are held to a very high standard. Not only are rigorous tests imposed upon them, but they are examined by their peers in minute detail and can only have articles published that hold up to scrutiny. Sad to say the same criteria is not applied to those who hold to the biblical account of creation. For the creationist there are no standards but the Bible; there are no peers to review one’s work; only fellow believers, so a creationist needs no evidence to back up his claims; only to state and defend what the Bible says. If a scientist must produce evidence to back up his theories, why is not the same standard applied to the creationist who merely states that because the Bible says that its god created everything it must be so. Of course no such testing can apply to the Bible, because the claims it makes have no evidence to be backed up with. Until such a time when creationists are held to the same standard of accountability as the scientists there can be no equality in comparison of evidence.


Creationists produce no proof of their own to verify the biblical story, they only take what scientists have to offer and try to discredit and disprove scientific theories because they don’t match the claims that are made in the Bible. It is time that people wake up and think for themselves with open minds and come to beliefs based on credible evidence that can be tested and holds up under scrutiny. Would a true god expect anything less? We are humans with minds that reason and think logically, why waste that ability on blind faith that gets a person nowhere? Nothing solid can be built upon a foundation of shifting sand, it only crumbles. We know if the foundation of evolution is false it will fall under the weight of truth; the same holds true for creationism, except it is being supported on the backs of those who refuse to let it go.


It’s hard to conceive of an intelligent mind that would allow itself to be confined and constrained to words written in an archaic book. If indeed there is a god who created male and female in his image, why would he then limit their ability to search for how this wonderful universe was made, and instead have his unlimited knowledge be limited to the constraints of the understanding of primitive minds still in their childhood of growth? The Bible narrows the mind and stifles its ability to learn, keeping those who follow it trapped within the timeframe of its pages. It’s time to imagine a god who is big enough and intelligent enough to have created this marvelous world we live in, and let go of the biblegod who only keeps people trapped in a very narrow mindset.


The wonderful thing about the true scientific approach is that the idea of a god or no god can be set aside. One does not need to posit either view in order to research, explore, experiment and discover. Whether an intelligent mind exists or not, plays no part in discovering how the universe operates, or if evolution is true or false. Christians should indeed applaud scientists, because each new discovery brings us that much closer to finding god, if he does in fact exist.

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