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Keep on your own path
Focus on your own journey
Be aware of you




To be mindful is to be present with yourself, to be aware of you, your thoughts and the working of your mind. Focus on who you are without judgments or criticisms, what gives you a sense of well-being and calms you, what makes you happy … then you can choose your state of mind. Think about the things that you like about yourself and allow those thoughts to fill the moment …

You have one precious life, go live it!



Joy comes like whispers

Igniting the heart with fire

Its fragrance is love


Grasp the Eternal

By living in the present

Experience now



Listening, feeling

It fills the empty spaces….

The heartbeat of life


Oh life, lived but once

What have I to offer thee …

Each day lived in full



Make kindness a habit …


Carried on the wings of


Dreams and Butterflies


Kindness … the Salvation of the World



Only through human kindness will the world be saved


With each gentle word and caring deed


With every empathetic touch and heartfelt gesture


The world becomes a more peaceful and harmonious place


Violence or abuse does not have a place in acts of kindness


Nor does anger and hatred


Kindness builds a strong foundation for every relationship


And supports the framework of human values


The power of kindness is a force that can change the hardest heart


And it is through kindness that the human spirit is refreshed and restored


Above all else kindness gives humanity hope …

TheRoseimagesFreedom is flourishing in my bones

Newness that comes with the morning is upon me

Intense rays of awakening are warming my flesh

This vibrant life feeds my body with hopefulness

Being one with the present moment to celebrate its existence


Breathe in the awesome beauty of the universe

Let it enter in and regenerate your senses

Restoring kindness to the space you live in

Strengthen compassion and empathy… release darkness

          Life blossoms around me like a rose…

To know the lover

At the center of your being

Is to be awakened

To be whole within

As one with the universe

You are connected

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