Empower Women

Their intellect a resource

Their bodies give life


The key to a better future for all humanity means empowering women and educating men. To be assured of a world where humans can thrive and flourish, the greatest resource we have needs to be empowered.


Empowering women means:


  1. More educated women.
  2. Less unwanted marriages, pregnancies, and abortions.
  3. Lower population growth.
  4. Improved quality of life for everyone.
  5. Greater intellectual resources.
  6. Increase in ethical and moral values.
  7. Less violence and abuse.


Educating men to:


  1. Respect all people’s human rights.
  2. Learn that violence is never okay except in self defense.
  3. Treat women as you wish to be treated.
  4. Work together as equals for the benefit of all.
  5. Act in an ethical and moral way to women.
  6. Take responsibility for and control your own actions.
  7. Understand that women’s bodies are their own, they do not owe you sex.



The history of patriarchal rule shows that it has failed to establish a society where all people live up to their potential and flourish. Men need to grow up and take responsibility for how they treat women; they need to use their intelligence to empower women to work with them as a team instead of cutting off half the population. Cutting off half the resources of a population can be compared to only allowing a power generating plant to run at half capacity, thus producing only half of the energy needed to supply the whole population…this would be utterly ridiculous, but that is exactly what men are doing when they keep half the population from living up to their full potential. Too many men use religion as a tool to control women, without realizing they are diminishing the quality of well-being for the whole community. It is only when women are empowered to walk in their full capacity as human beings will the world realize its full potential. EMPOWER WOMEN to walk in their full potential – EDUCATE MEN to respect women as equals.

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