Knowledge is the key to finding freedom. When one opens their minds and explores the world around them, discovering the truth that lies in knowledge, then true freedom arrives. If I had to choose one message to share with the world, it would be the message of allowing oneself to freely explore all avenues of knowledge; wherever your heart leads you in pursuit of that quest…follow it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always let your mind be open to receive the answers that come.


If you feel the need to believe in a god, please believe in a god who is intelligent enough to act in accordance with the creative and brilliant mind that you as a human possess. Do not limit your god to the primitive mindset of our ancestors who thought females were inferior and should not be given equal human rights, but rather reach as high as your human intellect will let you, and give to your god qualities befitting a superior being. Do not dig into the pit where all manner of dark and immoral behavior resides to color the face of your god; instead clothe the character of your god with the same kindness and compassion that you as a parent would treat your children with…and then follow that god.

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