This month is the third anniversary of my blog which means its time for my annual progress report. My endeavor in writing has been to share with others what I have found in my search for understanding and truth and hopefully in some small way to better the world we live in.


My blog continues to be an active journal of my metamorphosis from the cocoon of Christianity to the freedom of a non-theistic butterfly. When I began my journey three years ago I never in my wildest dreams expected to end up as a person totally free from theistic bondage, but here I am flourishing with hope. In this past year I have continued writing articles on empowering women – calling 2013 “The year of the woman” – and creating a logo called “Empower Women, Educate Men”, I also finished my booklet on the Male Bias of the Bible. Until there is a global unity between the genders and the violence against women ceases the world will never truly attain its potential for peace. It is time to celebrate women instead of violating them. Women make up half the population of the world and give birth to the other half, so it’s time for every individual to be allowed to freely blossom into their full potential, without the constraints of men pushing them down. Sad to say most religions have done nothing to help and much to hurt the plight of women because of their support of patriarchal rule, which by its very nature oppresses women and denies them equal human rights.


Those who are content to remain in their belief system – as I was for many years – will never ask the tough questions, nor seek their answers…consequently they will remain safely inside their insulated boxes never venturing beyond its security. As long as one is content with where they are at there will be no pressure to move forward, so you will remain inside the confines of your belief system. If you ever begin to truly question the many problems contained within the religious system you are bound in and will settle for nothing less then truth for an answer, you will emerge from your cocoon and experience the freedom that I have found.


The reason I continue to hammer the fact of the Bibles inequality towards women is because of the immense damage and harm that biblical teachings have done to women and girls. Because the Bible has such a privileged status in Western civilization it is many times accepted without question, which is why in my case it took so long to see through its delusions.



*GIRLS* Celebrate them, don’t violate them!


Religion remains a huge stumbling block with regards to the equality of women, there is not one place on earth where women have gained equal rights with men through religion, in fact quite the opposite has taken place. For as long as civilizations have existed and men have invented gods and human freedoms have been taken away because a supposed deity has decreed it so. Usually it is women and children who fare the worst in these patriarchal religions and never do they fare better. Wherever one looks down the long road of history invariably one finds in every male dominated culture women must fight for equal human rights. Isn’t it long past time for humanity to wake up and realize what religious indoctrination has and is doing to peoples minds? Only when the genders are treated with equality because that is the right and moral thing to do will humanity truly rise to its potential. As men become aware of the immense suffering that has been imposed upon women because of lack of compassion and empathy promoted by religion the world will become gentler and kinder.


The stories of hardship inflicted upon the female gender by men have continued to be the focus of my attention throughout this last year. In the best of times life is more difficult for women than men, but it has been made many times worse because of biblical teachings. During a good portion of church history men have greatly exacerbated the suffering of women by denying them access to help that would alleviate hardship. These purposeful actions of men that create greater than necessary suffering are unconscionable, but this male mindset is still alive and well on the planet today and being taught from the pages of Scripture. Decisions on the care and use of a woman’s body should always be made by the woman, except for the medical advice of her doctor.


Bottom line: men need to be educated. It is critically important that men realize women are not their enemies and that working together with women in all areas of life is beneficial to everyone. If men could learn that a girl’s life is to be celebrated instead of violated the world would immediately be a much kinder and gentler place to live. Biblical violations against the female gender that are approved by its god include:


  1. Sex Trafficking (buying and selling of women)
  2. Rape
  3. Forced marriages
  4. Lack of equal rights



It is time to call upon all of humanity to end gender discrimination and the oppression of women by religion.

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