Moral truths fall into the camp of justice, there is nothing that is considered moral that is not also just. Justice lies at the very foundation of all that is right and good. From this truth it becomes easy to classify universal “objective” morality in terms of justice. Moral truths refer to the class of morality that stands no matter what the circumstances. Justice is realized as fairness and is the outcome that exhibits equality for any given situation, if anything less than that is achieved justice has not been reached. This is why one has a very hard time of defining many biblical actions as being  just according to the standard of fairness. Morality that comes from religious doctrines do not have to give reasons as to why something is moral or just they only need to posit that “God decreed it!” whereas morals that are defined by a standard of justice and fairness can give reasonable and logical arguments for their validity.


Every human wants individual rights, so acting in accordance with justice all humans must be given the same rights, thus realizing equality. The pillars of morality rest upon a foundation of justice and fairness…if justice and fairness are not realized then morality is absent. Moral obligations and accountabilities are imposed upon us by ourselves, meaning that if we as humans think we ought to be treated justly and fairly, then we are obligated by our own standards to treat other humans the same. Thus, by the very fact of being self-aware we are accountable to ourselves to treat others morally. Morality is not defined by social conventions or proper etiquette; it is the consequence of what it means to be human, to be aware of the humanity of ones self being the same as another.


Some will say that if there is no god and there is no judgment or justice it does not matter how badly one treats their fellow humans, but they are sorely mistaken on many accounts, because in doing so one violates and denies their own humanity. To be capable of knowing your own humanity and then treating another human in a manner that is contrary and harmful to their well-being defines the meaning of injustice. If one does choose to treat another in a manner that is not in keeping with one’s own humanity, then they knowingly are walking in injustice and are exhibiting a lack of integrity. To truly get a sense of the morality innate within humans one must take any form of god or religion out of the picture and predicate ones observations solely on viewing human justice based on awareness of our humanness…not on arbitrary rules and laws from a purported deity. Having an external rule maker clouds the issue making it difficult to see the inherent morality that lies in what makes us human. Thus, we can say it is wrong to deny another individual their human rights because it is wrong to deny me my human rights, not because an external deity decreed it so.


Humans did not create morality…it is part of our HUMANITY; it is what makes us human and where the word humane comes from. When a person is said to be inhuman it is because they are lacking in humanity. To be human is to be self-aware and have knowledge of what is JUST and FAIR by applying our actions against the standard of HUMAN EQUALITY. God is not needed to impart morality to humans; all that is needed is self awareness of our humanity. If I am human and I understand that you are human, then it stands to reason that my human rights are the same as your human rights. Therefore, I can find no justification in not giving women equal rights in all areas of life, I can find no justification in not allowing same sex couples to marry, I can find no justification in imposing rules to control what people do with their own bodies…ultimately, I can find no justification in denying others human rights. This is the heart and soul of the Golden Rule.


Immorality can be defined as that which purposefully inflicts upon another an action known to be detrimental, harmful or disadvantageous to another’s well-being…that is of course denying another their innate rights as human beings (this cannot be applied to punishment meted out because of immoral behavior on the part of a particular individual, because that individual has purposely violated another’s human rights). Also, there are many things of a personal nature and preference that do not fall into the category of morality; these are classified as personal freedoms which do not impinge upon the rights of others.


To know oneself to be human is an objectively verifiable fact. If we ask ourselves the question, “What gives us our humanity?” then we can more easily see where the innate foundation of morality lies. Our humanity arises naturally from our self-aware state and knowing our humanity is the same as any other human, this allows for a universal knowing of morality. Morality can be understood solely on the grounds of knowing and reflecting upon ones own humanity, with “humanity” being defined as the essence of being human. Every rational human has the same standard for morality and justice if it is based strictly on the definition of the well-being of humanity. The definition for my well-being as a human is exactly the same as it is for you, since everything that defines my humanity also defines yours. As a deeper understanding of what it means to be human is gained it gradually replaces the religious dogmas that ignorance posited as answers to the unknown, consequently understanding our own humanity is the key to applying morality in an objective sense to all humans. Bottom line…being aware of and reflecting on our humanity is what makes us moral beings. The idea of moral law being given from a god needs to be replaced with the “Rule of Justice”…law denotes decrees given from authority, whereas justice denotes fairness, balance and equality applied equally to all.

Being human is an objective fact

All humans have humanity

Being aware of our humanity is what makes us moral agents

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