Kindness … the Salvation of the World



Only through human kindness will the world be saved


With each gentle word and caring deed


With every empathetic touch and heartfelt gesture


The world becomes a more peaceful and harmonious place


Violence or abuse does not have a place in acts of kindness


Nor does anger and hatred


Kindness builds a strong foundation for every relationship


And supports the framework of human values


The power of kindness is a force that can change the hardest heart


And it is through kindness that the human spirit is refreshed and restored


Above all else kindness gives humanity hope …

25 Responses to “Kindness”

  • James:


    First of all, let me just say that I like/love your blog and ‘God and Butterfly’ thing KINDNESS is one of my my favorite words…and Love Compassion, ‘Friendship,’ Fellowship, Mercy, Brotherhood and ‘Sisterhood.’

    To get “to know and love another human being” is the root of all Wisdom. I lost my best friend in the world a few years back…I never forget that daily. It is a Labour of Love.

    For whatever it’s worth, I guess I would consider myself Christian/Gnostic and Unitarian in the broad-minded and progressive sense of the word. Well I don’t know…generally don’t like labels. But that’s not really here nor there.[Note here: that when I speak of ‘Christianity’ I primarily do not necessarily mean traditional, dualist ‘Flesh-Hating’ Christianity.]

    In my humble opinion, the Fundamentalist conception of God seems to have far more in common with the idea of ‘Satan’ than with any Christian idea of a compassionate, merciful and Charitable ‘God.’ Christians have traditionally lumped together “the world, the flesh, and the Devil. Hence, Satan is a de facto immanent-deity whose promptings are indistinguishable from one’s own “fallen nature” and/or “worldliness.”

    Wisdom = Light(Lux) Agape-Love of kindness and friendship. “He that loveth his brother abideth in the Light.” Brotherly-love (charity-kindness), love of others and neighbors. A Fraternitatis or Brotherhood of Man.

    Christianity to me is defined by Charis/Christ (Chrestos)is goodness, friendship, fellowship/brotherhood, charitableness, kindness, graciousness, humbleness of mind, meekness,and “Patience.” It’s Forbearing one another,(loving) and forgiving one another, honouring preferring one another.

    Loving-Kindness or Charity is the Central-Pillar of Christian value. A person who embodies “True-Love” is one who goes above and beyond that which is normally required.

    A brotherhood of a loving human-heart (or what I term ‘Shekiah’ with one another in brotherly kindness. The Law of God Begins and Ends with Charity. It is the Crown or Unity of Love in Charity.

    I like to think of God’s Love is like the negative-node of an electrical-circuit. The divine-energy/grace [of grace, or good-will] “flowwws-out” or emanates down to find its expression in us this on plane of ours, and our purpose as human beings is to spread that Grace-Love and LOVING-KINDNESS a around to others and bring that energy back around the circuit again and up the Tree, if you will.

    Well, that’s my two-cents.

    Peace & God Speed.

    • Rose:

      HI James, Thanks for taking time to comment. I always appreciate feedback from folks like you. 🙂

      I too embraced a more Unitarian form of Christianity as I began my journey out of the faith. Slowly though, I realized that there was no way I could reconcile the blatant gender bias and immorality contained in the Bible with what I knew to be true. At first, I held on to Jesus as an example of what a true Christian should be, but then I came to a point where I could no longer overlook the fact that Jesus condoned and supported all the horrendous immoralities contained in the Old Testament. The Bible says that the god Jesus called father was responsible for many immoral acts such as genocide, slaughtering whole communities to steal their virgin women, and commanding men to rule over women and keep them as property … sad to say the list is long and ugly.

      A loving god is a wonderful concept, but it is not what a good portion of the Bible speaks of. Loving ones brother is what the central theme of Christianity is all about, though it has not been played out in history, because the Bible is a book that teaches the solution to all problems is violence. From cover to cover the pages of the Bible drip with the blood of innocent people and there is no way it can every be wiped clean.

      We as individuals can show the world love and give hope, by spreading the seeds of kindness wherever we go …


  • Reine Gnade:

    Dear Rose, I appreciate your thoughtful posts.

    I’ve come to understand that the Bible isn’t a book that teaches the solution to all problems is violence. The Author of the Bible truly teaches against violence!

    Lord Jesus Christ taught a way of non-violence. He taught a way of purity and peace.

    He taught a way of kindness and compassion. He taught that if we followed Him He would shepherd us. He taught that He would be the good shepherd of our soul. He taught us to put our trust in His words and deeds.
    Salvation is offered because of the courage, kindness, love and obedience of the precious, sinless Son of God who poured out His soul unto death on the cross.

    Only in wholeheartedly trusting the Lamb of God and His perfect finished work can God bless man with His gracious gift of salvation.

    God bless you and your husband Richard

    • Rose:

      Hello Reine, thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.

      It’s funny that you should say the Bible doesn’t teach violence as a solution to the worlds problems, when Jesus himself is quoted as saying in Matt. 10:34 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”. The kind words of Jesus were only directed at those who followed him, the rest were condemned to outer darkness “where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

      The words that say god is trustworthy ring empty, when there is not one shred of evidence that supports the claim. Everywhere one looks, one finds that suffering happens equally to the wicked as to the good. The children of believers get sick and die, just as the children of atheists do. Nowhere do we find evidence to support any of the biblical claims, in fact quite the contrary is true … it seems for every scientific discovery, Christians must try and justify an erroneous claim the Bible makes to the contrary.

      Best regards,

      • Reine Gnade:

        Matthew 10:34
        34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

        Greetings Rose, what Jesus is saying is that when He blesses man it takes them out of being conformed to the false thinking of the world. A definitive separation occurs. A sword has a sharp edge. His Word is like a sword that can bring this miraculous transformation about.
        Hebrews 4:12
        12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

        Why does Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace, say this? When He blesses us with His peace we become hated without a cause as He was. He is describing the new situation. Previously our fellowman “esteemed” us because we were like them but now because our priorities have changed and we promote the Author of purity they resist us and our message.

        In this sense we are “at war” even though Jesus has blessed us with His blessing of peace and as you rightly observe we continue to suffer, for Jesus Himself was a suffering Servant.

        Truly the God of the Bible is love!

        God bless you Rose!

        • Reine Gnade:

          Greetings Rose, it is true that children can die at a young age. This is a mystery that God has allowed to endure over centuries but like the occurance of wars it doesn’t change the fact that God is totally trustworthy.

          Rose, Jesus is kind to everyone. He is kind to both saved and unsaved people, for God is no respector of persons. God doesn’t become cruel because He is a God who punishes when He deems it appropriate.

          Look to Jesus, dear Rose, and let Him reveal to you that He is sinless. Look to Jesus, for there is no one more trustworthy than He is!

          God is love!

          Reine Gnade

          • Rose:

            Hello Reine, I understand how much you want your god to be trustworthy, and Jesus to be kind, but you are just making those things up. There is not one shred of evidence to support either claim. The reason god is not trustworthy is because he doesn’t exist, it’s as simple as that.

            Best regards,

  • Reine Gnade:

    Greetings Rose, some people who died in the Bible honored God but multitudes didn’t. God allowed this bloodshed that occured within the pages of the Bible and within the pages of finite time.

    He is a God of love but He punishes when He deems it is right to punish.

    It’s right to be repulsed by the evil perpetrated by man between 1939 and 1945 but it’ is unjust to blame God for wayward man choosing to go to war.

    Rose, your intention to be kind is praiseworthy but self effort isn’t enough, for no one can please God, the Giver of life, with this approach.

    He teaches that without faith it is impossible to please Him. The key verse is: Hebrews 11:6

    But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

    I fully support your words:we as individuals can show the world love and give hope, by spreading the seeds of kindness wherever we go. Amen.
    But to successfully do this we need a living relationship with the risen Lord Jesus who can bring this correct desire to fruition.

    Dear Rose, may God keep blessing your life to His glory.

    Behold, what a love has the heavenly Father shown to us.

  • Josef Sefton:

    Dear Rose, if I would be just making these things up I would be deceived. I would be living in a make believe land and my mind would be in a terrible place.

    The evidence that Jesus was kind and still is kind is overwhelming. Long before the God of the Bible, the only reliable God in existence, saves man He revealed Himself, for the the Bible teaches that the heavens and earth reveal the glory of God.

    Yes, that is a true assessment of the situation. Long before man has been blessed to believe upon Him God has revealed Himself as a glorious God.

    Behold the gifts of air, water, light, energy, earth, animals, flora, fauna and birds. Behold how everything in the ecosystem is so magnificently integrated.

    Lord Jesus was involved when all of this was done. Behold the body of man and woman. These wonderful creations are the work of a master craftsman. His name is God is Our Savior.

    Rose, you say that there is not one shred of evidence to support the claims I make? Give yourself a chance to be blessed by studying from the treasure of treasures, the holy Bible, and let the God who is alive teach you out of His inspired, trustworthy word.

    He exists and is graciously sustaining your life and my life right now. He is a God of superlatives whose abilities and qualities will astound you.

    Desire to get to know the risen Jesus who is love and let Him furnish you with evidence that He is who He says He is! Say ‘Yes’ to this adventure, for it is the greatest adventure of all! Introduce yourself to the God who exists from eternity to eternity and start praising Him for Lord Jesus Christ!

    God bless you, Rose

    Josef Sefton

    • Rose:

      Hello Josef, there is no overwhelming evidence that Jesus was kind. The Bible is very conflicted in that area, and the Bible is the only account we have of the historical Jesus. On one hand the Bible speaks of Jesus telling people to pray for their enemies, and on the other hand it says that he came to bring division among families and friends.

      We have no reason to believe the Bible is any more reliable than the Koran, the Hindu Scriptures, or any other sacred text. They are all penned by human hands and made up in the minds of men. People are prone to believe in the religions that are part of the culture they are raised in, not because of evidence.

      The magnificent integration of all life on the planet, is a perfect revelation of how evolution works. Aside from the fact of not knowing the origins of DNA and RNA, everything from the first simple cell forward is evidence of connectivity of life. Evolution happens on the micro scale before our eyes every day, and on the macro scale over time as micro evolves to macro. There is very little difference in the bodies of humans, than in our closest cousins the primates. We share over 98% of our DNA with orangutans, which is evidence for sharing a common ancestor. All life is beautifully connected because of the way evolution works.

      I was a Christian for almost three decades, so I am very familiar with the contents of the Bible. It was only when I read the Bible with open eyes that I saw its extreme bias, and misogyny. The Biblegod’s actions throughout Scripture are immoral, unjust, and cruel, but as long as I was blinded by religion all I could do was try and justify and reason away his horrendous deeds.

      The only answer I ever get when I ask for evidence of god, is to let let god teach me from the Bible … well, I read the Bible and I learned that people hear what they want to hear depending on their worldview. Having experienced the world of Christianity, and now the world of freedom from religion, I can honestly say my life today is happier, and more fulfilling that it ever was before. Religion is a bondage that constricts the mind … it’s so good to be free!

      Best regards,

  • Josef Sefton:

    Rose, when I wrote that there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus was kind I am saying also that there is overwhelming evidence that He was a loving person!

    O yes, the love of Lord Jesus Christ suffers long and is extraordinarily kind!
    Unlike sinful man Jesus is never envious and never vaunts himself. Everyone has the opportunity to discover that Jesus doesn’t behave unseemly that He doesn’t seek His own, isn’t easily provoked and thinks no evil!

    Rose, study the words and deeds of Jesus again and let the LORD reveal to you that He doesn’t rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. Truly His love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. That’s some love. That’s divine love.

    Be very encouraged Rose, for the love of the sinless Son of God never fails! What an honor it is for men and women to be blessed by such a unique lover of mankind. May God bless your efforts to discover the true Jesus!

    Josef Sefton

    • Rose:

      Hello Josef,
      The only evidence for Jesus being a loving person is the Bible, which also speaks of his promotion of division and violence. Also, in all the recorded words that Jesus spoke in the Bible, there is not one account of his condemnation of the acts of violence and immorality that were commanded by the Biblegod.

      You speak about sinful man, but do you realize that the whole concept of humans being sinful comes from the mythological story of Adam and Eve? Without the idea of original sin there is no reason to believe that people are born sinful, thus there is no need of a redeemer. IF there is no need for salvation, then there is no need for a human sacrifice to save us from sin, so the role of Jesus as a savior is superfluous. The foundation of the Christian faith is built upon the erroneous idea of people being born in sin. People do bad things, but they are not born sinful.

      Best regards,

  • Josef Sefton:

    Rose, you have every reason to believe the Holy Bible because God Himself testifies that it is true. Only the Holy Bible is reliable. Only the God of the Holy Bible tells the truth. The Koran and the Hindu texts are not sacred!
    Trusting and obeying the God of the Bible isn’t a bondage that constricts the mind. In fact, true freedom can only be found in Lord Jesus Christ, for He is the truth.

    Referring to your comments: Division in a sense that the unsaved are conformed to this world and the saved are consecrated unto God. Division yes, yet increased harmony for a Christian’s love for their family increases and is much deeper!

    May the only true God, the God of the Bible, bless your honest efforts in 2014 to glorify His most wonderful name.

    • Rose:

      Hello Josef,
      The only place in the Bible that declares itself to be inspired by god is in 2Tim.3:16 which was written by Paul, and that passage is only referring to the Old Testament, because the New had not yet been written. How do you know that only the Bible tells the truth and not the Koran or Hindu texts? I’m sure any Muslim or Hindu would adamantly disagree with you!

      The Bible is a book of bondage from start to finish. It teaches division between men and women by declaring women to be subordinate to men, and denying women equal human rights. It teaches people to hate those who do not believe in the Biblegod and to look at the human race as being born sinful. These are lies that only cause needless suffering to those trapped in its teaching.

      Best regards,

  • Josef Sefton:

    Rose, let pure Jesus expose your sin! Let Him reveal to you and Richard that you are sinners in need of salvation. Go on a new journey together and let Him reveal to you that it is His Light that convicts and convinces us of sin (John 3:19).

    Let’s rejoice for because of His purity, He is able to convince us of our sin. Amen.

    May you learn to praise Him for His love and mercy towards His creation and may Richard and you open your heart and receive Him as Lord and Savior. O yes, put your faith in the holiness, and purity of Lord Jesus Christ, for “He makes the world beautiful in His time,” Ecc. 3:11.

    God bless you

    • Rose:

      Hello Josef,
      The wonderful thing about being free from the bondage of religion is realizing that I am not a sinner, therefore I have no imaginary sin to expose, or repent of. Christianity is based on the Adam and Eve myth of original sin that happened because of their fall. The primitive concept of attributing the cause of bad things happening to humans to sin is archaic. Before people knew the causes behind natural phenomena like thunder, lightening, earthquakes and famines, they posited a god behind these events who was punishing them because of their sin. Modern humans now know the scientific reasons behind these phenomenon are purely natural … no god needed! It’s time to grow up and leave childish ideas behind. There is no sin, hence there is no need for a savior.

      There is no need for me to praise and worship an imaginary deity for saving me from something that doesn’t exist. People are bad when they do bad things, not because of some imaginary sinful nature they are born with. Nothing but pain and suffering has come from barbaric idea that humans are sinners in need of salvation. I have been where you are at, so I know what I have now is true freedom.

      Best regards,

  • Reine Gnade:

    Rose, Jesus spoke of Adam and Eve’s son, Abel by name. (Luke 11:48-51)” . . .the blood of all the prophets spilled from the founding of the world may be required from this generation, from the blood of Abel down to the blood of Zechari′ah, .” (Matthew 23:34, 35)

    Also the apostles mentioned the names of Adam and Eve. (2Corinthians 11:3) 1Timothy 2:12-14

    Jesus’ witness showed He believed Adam and Eve were real human beings! Trust Jesus, for He always tells the truth!

    God is good!

    Josef Sefton

    • Rose:

      Hello Josef,
      You have nothing to back up your assertion that Jesus always tells the truth! The Bible was authored by fallible humans and is the only account we have of Jesus, and it is far from trustworthy. Just because a character in a book, believed in Adam and Eve is not evidence to their existence. The Bible is full of errors, contradictions and outright falsehoods … there is no reason the Bible should be believed anymore than the Koran or the Hindu Scriptures.

      Best regards,

  • Josef Sefton:

    Rose, you write that I have nothing to back up my assertion that Jesus always tells the truth!
    Clearly I do because Jesus informs us that He is the truth. He informs us about this in John 14:6.

    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Furthermore the God of the Bible says about Jesus in Matthew 17:5

    5 He (Jesus) was still speaking when, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.”

    The Bible was authored by God. He is the author not man. He graciously used fallible humans to give us His holy Bible. It is totally reliable because He oversaw every aspect of it.

    By studying the Bible, Rose, you have the opportunity to discover that the Biblical account of Jesus is totally trustworthy. It unsurprising that we can only learn about Jesus definitively from the Bible because secular man doesn’t esteem truth highly or esteem those who teach truth highly.

    And Rose, there are numerous reasons why the Bible should be believed and numerous reasons why the Koran or the Hindu Scriptures should be rejected! Some study is required to find out what they are. You can decide to make an effort. If you do and you are sincere you will choose to study the Bible!

    God bless you!

    • Rose:

      Hello Josef,
      How is your assertion that the Bible is gods word any different than the billion Muslims who assert the Koran is the word of Allah? Christians believe that the Bible is trustworthy, just as Muslims believe the Koran is trustworthy … those are not valid reasons on either account. Anyone can write a book and say it is god inspired … that is not considered evidence. Quoting words out of the Bible means nothing as far as proving its validity, you must find witnesses that are outside of the biblical text.

      I have already studied the Bible in great depth, which is why I reject it as the word of god. The Bible presents its god as being biased, untrustworthy and immoral, three huge reasons why he should be rejected as a true god.

      Take care,

  • Reine Gnade:

    Rose, you seem to think you have found huge reasons that allow you to reject the Bible. How wrong is your thinking, for no one is more trustworthy than the God of the Old and New Testament. They are the very same person.

    Start again from scratch because you and Richard are building on sand!

    Jesus, the God of the Old and New Testament, has a gracious, loving heart. He is sinless. Let Him teach you that He is without fault and blemish. Let Him teach you that you are a sinner who He can rescue!

    God bless you!

  • Reine Gnade:

    Rose, as I shared with you in my last note the unspiritual man doesn’t esteem the Bible. Unspiritual historians largely bypassed Jesus of Nazareth. Even this snubbing of Him should arouse in us the question: why is there such a blatant discrepancy between the Biblical record of Jesus and the secular record of Jesus?

    The secular world will never tell the truth about about the true Jesus. They never have and they never will. A marvellous place that is truly safe to explore concerning His true identity is the Holy Bible. Start afresh. Come to Lord Jesus Christ, the Teacher of Teachers!

    God is love. The God of the Bible is love.
    Rose, start afresh and let Him reveal to you how loving He is!

    Josef Sefton

    • Rose:

      Hello Josef,
      You asked why there is such a blatant discrepancy between the biblical record of Jesus and the secular record? Well, the answer is simple; there is no secular record of Jesus. Everything known about Jesus comes from the biblical record, and even the Bible itself declares that everything must be established by two or more witnesses. The secular world has no story of Jesus, thus there is no truth to tell. The identity of Jesus is no more secure than Noah, Abraham or Moses, no one knows for sure if any of them actually existed.

      Take care,

  • Josef Sefton:

    “There can be no doubt that archaeology has confirmed the substantial historicity of Old Testament tradition.”

    William F. Albright (1891–1971), one of the world’s most respected archaeologists.

    • Rose:

      Archaeology has indeed given credence to the existence of some biblical cities, kings and traditions, but is sorely lacking when it comes to verifying main biblical characters like Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses.

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