I like to view the purpose of my life as a series of “Meaningful Moments” in this way I can salvage the parts of my past that might have otherwise seem wasted. By bringing all those moments into the now, I can see how each one of them has helped to build and shape who I am today. At each moment in my life – where I was – was the place I needed to be in order to proceed to the next step.


In the same manner as say a family pet makes an impression in our memory which remains long after the pet’s demise, so I propose our lives make an impression on the fabric of the cosmos which remains after the demise of our physical bodies.


One either believes that our potential (spirit) was endued upon us from a divine source, or our potential is shared with all of creation and comes from the single source of everything. What ever the case may be, we know that everything exists at different levels in nature, nothing transcends above nature, and everything is part of nature at a different stage of development.  Perhaps from the very first moment when the universe began as single point, all the potential that will ever be realized was contained within that singularity. The whole of everything that exists started as the monad from which everything unfolded out of. If everything that exists emerged from the same point, then all parts contain the same potential at a different level of development, thus all parts can be in tune with the whole. Consequently, there would be no ultimate purpose to existence per say, but that does not mean that abundant meaning cannot be derived from living life itself.


This also gives credence to the idea of the world being discoverable, because everything that is came from the same source, hence when life became self-aware (humans) meaning can be derived from it. With the emergence of self-awareness, consciousness got elevated to a new level, but the connection to our “origins” still exist, thus making the universe “discoverable”.


If everything that exists came from the same point of creative power, then everything is part of that creative power, so consequently when consciousness evolved to the point of self-awareness the ability then was acquired to see into and experience this higher consciousness dimension. Other lower life forms have not yet attained this ability to see into this higher consciousness dimension, even though they exist in it. One can imagine it being compared to seeing the world in 2-dimensions instead of 3-dimensions. We live in a universe where Quantum levels exist, yet we cannot see them or “knowingly” experience them even though they are part of and affect everything that is.


Taking this idea of oneness with the universe, our focus can then be directed toward discovering what our place and purpose is in the universe by looking inward, instead of looking outwardly and trying to find an external “God” to answer our questions. Like it or not the question of whether or not a creator god exists will never be answered, so our efforts are much better spent in understanding our innate, internal connection with everything and how we are energetically linked with the universe. We are all bathed in what might be called cosmic energy; the expression of that energy is manifest in many different ways depending on the consciousness level of the being expressing it.


Let our goal be to take the life we have and make the most of it by sharing those things we have to give – no matter how small – with the rest of the marvelous world we live in. With each gift of sharing the world will become a better place for every living thing…

2 Responses to “Meaningful Moments”

  • Anna:

    I am loving your blog : )

    This particular entry reminded me of something else I find fascinating and possibly explanatory of the evolving human condition concerning our search for god(s) and meaning… Julian Jaynes theory of the bicameral mind and when/how/why it evolved into something else. A quick explanation is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicameralism_(psychology)
    if you aren’t already familiar with this theory.


  • Rose:

    Hi Anna,

    I have heard of bicameralism, but have never explored it in any depth. Thank you for the link, I will take this opportunity to look into it and see where it leads.

    Best regards,

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