naturalism_indexMy main focus in this article is on the religion of Christianity, which grounds its doctrines in the Bible versus naturalism. Imagine for a moment what the world would be like without the influence of the Bible or for that matter any other religious doctrine. If by a twist of fate, the Scriptures of the Old Testament disappeared into pre-Christian history, just as the mythological Ark of the Covenant did, the world would be free of three religions. Christianity was built off of Judaism, and Islam was built off of both Judaism and Christianity. The roots of the belief of innate human sinfulness lie in the teachings of Judaism in the Old Testament and were carried forth into the New Testament by teachers and writers like the apostle Paul. If I had to choose which doctrine in the Bible has caused the most suffering, I would have to pick the teaching of sin. The idea that innate sin somehow causes the evil in the world has wreaked havoc in the lives of so many people, it is beyond measure.


Something that many people fail to realize is how well naturalism explains all the suffering, tragedy and atrocities that happen in the world … there is no need for a doctrine of sin, which only servers to blame humans for all of the planets suffering. Under naturalism things that naturally happen in the world are not fair and just, but they can be explained by natural laws and random chance, not because of the whims of a capricious deity. Humans do not cause natural calamities because of “sins” like lack of belief or ones sexual orientation as some Christians would have you believe.


The advantage the naturalist has over the theist is that the former takes the situation into his own hands and struggles to find a solution, whereas the later relies on help from a supernatural being. Take for example: if I see gender bias manifesting itself in the society in which I live I can take steps to try and correct the situation, but if gender bias is built into the doctrines of a particular religion that is held to be god given … what can I do? So much harm has come from religious doctrines and dogmas that influence people into thinking that certain lifestyles are inherently sinful.


It might seem strange but the strongest evidence against the existence of a personal creator god and for naturalism is the unfairness of life. Everywhere one looks, randomness and haphazardness abound. There is no equality in the natural world, just as one would expect … quite different from how the world would be if it were governed by a deity. The idea of a loving god and the inequality and suffering that manifests itself everywhere is not constrained solely to what we see in the natural world, it also happens in the doctrines of the Bible that were supposedly inspired by him. The Bible has been a force for injustice far more than it has been for equality, without its doctrine of sin the world would have endured far less suffering and without its laws of gender bias women would be far better off.


One thing that has always struck me as being odd, is the idea of giving thanks to god for the act of creation … it is sort of like continually giving thanks to your parents for conceiving you. If one wants to give thanks to ones parents, it should be for the care and support one gets, not the sex act that led to conception. Likewise, if god truly is the creator of life,  he created it for his own pleasure – so, the only thing humans need be thankful for is the care and support given by god, which I might add is mostly in very short supply.


What is most important to me as far as giving purpose and meaning to life is promoting well-being and flourishing. The philosophy of naturalism promotes the idea of focusing on what is helpful to alleviate human suffering and what gives health to our psyche, instead of adding the burden of sin to the already heavy load we bear. Imagine how much lighter the baggage that most people carry would be, if religion were tossed from their suitcases like old garments? The load of needless guilt that so many of us carry around because of false belief systems needs to be reexamined and discarded in order to regain a sense of well-being. Most peoples lives in and of themselves have more than enough problems without adding the doctrines and dogmas of religion. Lighten your load by tossing unfounded beliefs that only weigh you down … life will seem so much more joyful.

Unless there is good evidence to believe something exists there is no reason to suppose it does. If religion in any way hinders the advancement of knowledge through scientific discovery then that religion is wrong. Works such as the Bible promote the formation of religions and religion promote restrictions on critical thinking if it goes against the doctrines and dogmas of that religion … this is why anything that shuts down critical thinking is wrong.

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