religionimagesIf one looks back through history it becomes consistently apparent how religious traditions are many times harmful. People in modern societies are usually only exposed to so-called cleaned up versions of their religion and are unaware of their harmful foundations. A good example is the foundation of Christianity which begins in the Old Testament, there one will find many traditions such as slavery and ownership of women that have slowly been sanitized in modern times, but nevertheless still greatly influence fundamentalist teachings. All major religions share a patriarchal background, thus their traditional practices are based on assigning gender roles that discriminate against women, and this blatant bias is at the heart and soul of their doctrines. The subtleties of how women should dress and their roles of “homemaker” to the outright restriction of positions in the church all add to the overarching bias that all patriarchal religions hold. One of the worst blights to be cast upon women from biblical patriarchy is the curse of the witch;  this has perpetrated great harm and caused the death of more innocent women then any other single decree. The idea of wise women being labeled as “evil witches” by men afraid of losing power is one of the most dreadful effects caused by patriarchal ruler-ship, also the idea that homosexuality is bad and worthy of death is another harmful practice that is derived from religion.


While many churches do tremendous charity work and provide various social group opportunities, few realize the underlying discriminatory doctrines that all patriarchal religions are based on. Religion sneaks in insane ideas, causing people to believe things that only lunatics would otherwise accept. No one in their right mind would believe some of the crazy stories contained in the Bible if they were told them unaware of their origin. The Bible compels people to believe its ludicrous stories simply because of its supposed divine authority. Children are the most common victims of religion, because they are exposed to its harmful doctrines and become infected before they have acquired the immunity of critical thinking. Another component lacking in religious practices is that of thinking ahead for the betterment of humanity as a whole, because of the mindset that assumes humans are helpless as far as being able to change their futures; gods plan is written in stone and everything is put in his hands while the afterlife trumps anything having to do with the here and now.


Let’s take a look at the Ten Commandments, which ones do you suppose should be enforced as laws in our society today? Certainly not the first four:


  1. Thou shall have no other gods before me
  2. Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, and thou shall not bow down thyself to them
  3. Thou shall not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy


Well then what about the fifth commandment, which says to honor your father and mother? While that seems like admirable thing to do, it in no wise should be an enforced law. There are many fathers and mothers who are not deserving of honor; just because someone is your parent does not automatically qualify them for a position of honor.


The sixth commandment: Thou shall not kill is the only one so far that qualifies as an enforceable law.

The seventh commandment: Thou shall not commit adultery has moral overtones but in no wise should be an enforced law.

The eighth and ninth: Thou shall not steal, and thou shall not bear false witness both qualify as laws that should be enforced.

Last but not least we have the most ridiculous commandment of all: Thou shall not covet…which falls into neither the civil or moral category. Coveting what others have – whether it be knowledge or goods – is the means by which humans strive to better themselves. If I covet my neighbor’s cool car maybe that will give me an incentive to get a job, earn some money and buy one for myself. So, out of the Ten Commandments there are only three that qualify as enforceable laws, yet religions trying to enforce the other seven have caused far more harm than good.


Religions impose dogmas and restrictions, keeping people from living up to their full potential by the harmful ideas they promote. There may have been a time when some of the ideas espoused by religions were ahead of their time and beneficial, but that time has long since gone and now those ideas only serve to hold people back. Progress needs open minds, not rules that hinder creative thought. Any religion that is structured on a patriarchal system is by its very nature biased and should be viewed in that light. By the very definition of what bias means, patriarchal religions are unequal in their treatment of women, consequently much care should be given before entering into such restrictive practices. No true god would ever sanction unjust, biased, and irrational doctrines as the basis for a system of laws. We have intelligent minds, so let’s us them to reason with.

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