“Culture and religion have been male; formed by men with – as we shall see – a ‘place’ for women. It does not do to patch up the past. We need revolution. Only when men can be pried free from their ancestry, can we, women and men together, begin to create something new.” ~ Daphne Hampson, After Christianity


Those words perfectly sum up the problem with trying to re-work Christianity and its biblical foundation to make it more female friendly, instead of creating something new. The Bible is sorely lacking in female role models that are based on anything other than women who are submissive to men and whose sole purpose is to bear male children, whereas biblical male role models consist of men with courage, strength, willpower and endurance, like Noah, Abraham, Moses, and King David abound. Examples in the Bible that women are suppose to look up to include prostitutes like Rahab, or women like Sarah, Ruth, Rebecca or Mary, all made famous because of the sons they bore … this is not the case with men. These women and many more in Scripture are elevated to a high status by men based on the patriarchal standards of the submissiveness and bearing male offspring. Women need female role models that edify and encourage them to live up to their full potential, which goes far beyond just fulfilling a biological purpose of reproduction.


The Judeo-Christian religions are born of patriarchy and their histories are centered around and focused on men, also the majority of their interpreters and teachers have also been men. The only religious history that women have to look back on is what male thought has constructed. It is men who have shaped and molded the religions of the world and it is women who have had to try and adapt to the male way of thinking. Christianity even requires one to be “Born again” in order to be cleansed of their original birth from a woman. Women who try to reconstruct male religions to fit the female mind end up impoverished. It is time for a “Revolution of thought” to happen, letting go of the primitive patriarchal mentality that demands conformity to the male mindset. In order for humanity to move forward with equality the repressive ties to our patriarchal history must be severed, this includes the mentality of historical religious thought patterns that are male.


Revolutionary ideas come from being able to let go of past baggage that demands conformity to rigid doctrines, and allowing creative thinking to blossom; entertaining the revolutionary idea that we all share a common humanity of creativity. Rigorous religious mindsets only hold back human progress by keeping people entrenched in outdated beliefs that isolate them, instead of working towards the goal that realizes we are all part of one human community that has no shortage of revolutionary ideas to share.

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