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This month is the third anniversary of my blog which means its time for my annual progress report. My endeavor in writing has been to share with others what I have found in my search for understanding and truth and hopefully in some small way to better the world we live in.


My blog continues to be an active journal of my metamorphosis from the cocoon of Christianity to the freedom of a non-theistic butterfly. When I began my journey three years ago I never in my wildest dreams expected to end up as a person totally free from theistic bondage, but here I am flourishing with hope. In this past year I have continued writing articles on empowering women – calling 2013 “The year of the woman” – and creating a logo called “Empower Women, Educate Men”, I also finished my booklet on the Male Bias of the Bible. Until there is a global unity between the genders and the violence against women ceases the world will never truly attain its potential for peace. It is time to celebrate women instead of violating them. Women make up half the population of the world and give birth to the other half, so it’s time for every individual to be allowed to freely blossom into their full potential, without the constraints of men pushing them down. Sad to say most religions have done nothing to help and much to hurt the plight of women because of their support of patriarchal rule, which by its very nature oppresses women and denies them equal human rights. Read the rest of this entry »

Most of us spend a good portion of our lives as caterpillars, munching our way through life with only a ground view perspective. This was the condition of my life up until two years ago, when quite unexpectedly a transformation began to take place which ultimately lead to my metamorphosis into a butterfly. Now, a whole new perspective has opened up before my eyes, what I wasn’t able see in my caterpillar state burst forth in brilliance all around me. A world that was always there, but hidden from view because of my condition, is now what I experience as a new found freedom walking in my integrity each moment.


In my caterpillar stage I could only perceive of god in a very limited and finite way, because I had only seen the world through eyes with very narrow vision. It was impossible for me to comprehend anything other than the god that was defined for me within the pages of the Bible, because I was still in the process of growing. As caterpillars we blindly accept our lot in life as a permanent condition, because it is beyond our understanding that one day we can become butterflies. The teachings of many religions exhort people to accept what has been given them as the will of their particular god, and to cease from struggling to become something better and to simply accept their lot in life. If nothing comes along to challenge that belief then we remain in the caterpillar state our whole lives, never experiencing the wonderful transformation into a butterfly.


We make a temporal, physical footprint while we are in our caterpillar stage, but we make an eternal, spiritual footprint when we are elevated to our enlightened butterfly stage…this completes our human experience.

Going on two years (March 19, 2010) since the inception of my blog God and Butterfly, its title has once again taken on new meaning. As a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis to become a soaring butterfly, so my perception of god has gone through many transformations and has soared to places that are quite different then where I was at two years ago. Two years ago, unbeknownst to me, I was just at the beginning of what was to become an exodus out of the Christian faith, like a metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Even though I didn’t know it at the time the single most important step I took to begin this journey was that of opening my mind to look at whatever I happened upon in my search for truth and I was most interested in finding out how the Bible Wheel came to be. Having been in the Christian faith for nearly 30 years I was an unlikely candidate for deconversion, yet that is exactly what happened in a much unexpected way. Two years ago, I was at a very solid place in my Christian faith, especially with the evidence of the Bible Wheel giving strong support to my belief. I had no clue at the time that the very thing that seemed to be the capstone of proof for the validity of the Bible being the “Word of God”, ended up being that which began the journey that would lead me to where I am today…outside of the Christian faith. I have come to fully realize that any religion that denies a person the right to follow their own heart and to fully experience what it is to be a human in this life, cannot be true.


A year ago I reported in my First Annual Progress Report that I had come to the place in my quest for truth where the Bible was dead and buried as far as being a text revealing the nature of the creator god, this I called the first leg of my journey. Now, I am a year into the second part of that trek and have once again gone through a tremendous amount of change in my perception of what makes up the Whole of our existence. The term “God” has taken on a much more generic meaning in my mind, compared to the specific reference it implied two years ago. I now view “God” as a term associated with the whole of universal consciousness that each of us is a part of. Life is what we each make of it, continually evolving…not a preordained script that we are born to partake in. The meaning and purpose of our lives comes from us, not from some imagined god. Each of us has a unique place in the universe that no other person can fill, what we do with our lives becomes part of the whole which makes a difference in the cosmos…it’s called the Butterfly Effect, meaning the whisper of a butterfly’s wings can make a huge change in the outcome of an event.


If I know that I will always be an integral part of the whole, then what gives meaning to this manifestation of my life at this point in time, is to leave “a path of footprints” on this plane of existence, that will become part of my eternal journey and always be there to help me find my way home. The journey continues…

Once a person steps outside the confines of their religious box and is open to the way life is specifically calling each of us to share and give of our talents and embrace fully our unique gifts, then we realize there are no limits to what we can do. The key to a full life is freedom, freedom to express every desire and inspiration that wells up within us no matter if you are male or female, allowing those creative forces to bubble up and flow out of our being like living waters. Embracing our whole selves with full integrity and sharing that oneness with others as we travel life’s path. It is only through total freedom to be yourself can one begin to realize their full potential, beginning with that first step of breaking away from the trap of religious bondage that blinds the eye. No advancement of knowledge or rising of consciousness can be made as long as one remains within the confines of religious doctrines and dogmas that only serve to dull the senses and stunt the growth of the mind. Life is an experience of growth and in order for us to grow our minds must be fed with knowledge; otherwise it remains bound in a limited environment like a prison, suffocating for lack of transcendent vision.


I have found in my own life that what I thought was freedom while I was in the grasp of the Christian faith, was merely an imposed false sense of freedom. What was preached as being saved from sin was really a captivating dogma that immersed me in idea that desires of the flesh were bad and searching for knowledge outside of the Christian faith would only lead one down the wrong path into wickedness. This pervasive idea that is taught in the pages of Scripture promotes the mindset that humans are born corrupt by the mere fact of having a fleshly body, and any desire your fleshly body has is automatically bad and needs to be terminated. Only through freedom from that mindset can one truly be released to explore who you are and be able to pursue a meaningful, fulfilling life. Instead of being trapped by the things you aren’t allowed to do because of religious doctrines, become a person who can strive to attain whatever your heart desires. Be all you can be, let nothing stand in your way as you walk the path of life.

One can compare the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the human brain to the writings of the Old and New Testaments. Just as the left hemisphere of the brain thinks in a linear fashion focusing on details and order pertaining to absolutes, the Old Testament gives us a detailed account of the laws man perceived were given by God in all their minuet detail, focusing on the letter of the law and following rules of absolute right and wrong. On the other hand the right hemisphere operates in a much more abstract way; it is where our intuitions and emotions lay, living in the here and now and perceiving the “whole picture” beyond the sum of it parts. In much the same way the New Testament portrays Jesus as encompassing the whole of the Old, while looking to the underlying intent of the “whole picture” which he sums up as “Loving your neighbor as yourself”.


For an individual to live a balanced life, one must live in a harmonious state with both the right and left hemispheres functioning together. Each part of the whole plays a vital role in the dance of life that makes up how we perceive reality. When one side dominates (usually the left) as is common in our modern, western civilization the well-being of our minds suffer. Balance of both hemispheres is essential to proper functionality and well-being, but in modern societies the left side tends to dominate instead of being in partnership with the right leading to a lack of harmony and sense of well-being. The same is also true for the mind/body balance, if the mind dominates the body both end up suffering which happens many times in fundamentalist religious mindsets where the desires of the body are seen as sinful and something that needs to be denied and put down by the ruling mind. To have true harmony one needs to live life in a state of mind/body unity and wholeness letting each work together in partnership.

I like to view the purpose of my life as a series of “Meaningful Moments” in this way I can salvage the parts of my past that might have otherwise seem wasted. By bringing all those moments into the now, I can see how each one of them has helped to build and shape who I am today. At each moment in my life – where I was – was the place I needed to be in order to proceed to the next step.


In the same manner as say a family pet makes an impression in our memory which remains long after the pet’s demise, so I propose our lives make an impression on the fabric of the cosmos which remains after the demise of our physical bodies.


One either believes that our potential (spirit) was endued upon us from a divine source, or our potential is shared with all of creation and comes from the single source of everything. What ever the case may be, we know that everything exists at different levels in nature, nothing transcends above nature, and everything is part of nature at a different stage of development.  Perhaps from the very first moment when the universe began as single point, all the potential that will ever be realized was contained within that singularity. The whole of everything that exists started as the monad from which everything unfolded out of. If everything that exists emerged from the same point, then all parts contain the same potential at a different level of development, thus all parts can be in tune with the whole. Consequently, there would be no ultimate purpose to existence per say, but that does not mean that abundant meaning cannot be derived from living life itself.


This also gives credence to the idea of the world being discoverable, because everything that is came from the same source, hence when life became self-aware (humans) meaning can be derived from it. With the emergence of self-awareness, consciousness got elevated to a new level, but the connection to our “origins” still exist, thus making the universe “discoverable”.


If everything that exists came from the same point of creative power, then everything is part of that creative power, so consequently when consciousness evolved to the point of self-awareness the ability then was acquired to see into and experience this higher consciousness dimension. Other lower life forms have not yet attained this ability to see into this higher consciousness dimension, even though they exist in it. One can imagine it being compared to seeing the world in 2-dimensions instead of 3-dimensions. We live in a universe where Quantum levels exist, yet we cannot see them or “knowingly” experience them even though they are part of and affect everything that is.


Taking this idea of oneness with the universe, our focus can then be directed toward discovering what our place and purpose is in the universe by looking inward, instead of looking outwardly and trying to find an external “God” to answer our questions. Like it or not the question of whether or not a creator god exists will never be answered, so our efforts are much better spent in understanding our innate, internal connection with everything and how we are energetically linked with the universe. We are all bathed in what might be called cosmic energy; the expression of that energy is manifest in many different ways depending on the consciousness level of the being expressing it.


Let our goal be to take the life we have and make the most of it by sharing those things we have to give – no matter how small – with the rest of the marvelous world we live in. With each gift of sharing the world will become a better place for every living thing…


This is my first annual Progress Report on how far I have come since I started my Blog a year ago. It began as a journey to discover what I actually believed about my faith in the Bible, vowing to keep an open mind and to be free in declaring what I found. My first post was titled Metamorphosis, reflecting the Avatar of my Blog, a Butterfly; in it I tried to capture the idea of transformation and change….the question in my mind being: What is the Bible, and how does it reflect on mankind? Is it the literal word of God, or merely a collection of myths and stories expressing ideas of ancient man?


In this past year my quest had led me on a path of searching out knowledge; it has taken me from looking for the origins of DNA in the evolutionary schema, to the realms of the cosmos and its beginnings, which then spilled over into the depths of the human psyche with all its mysteries. In all my discoveries I have remained true to my vow of “transparency”: to declare truth in all that I find…and in doing so I am at a very different place now then I was a year ago.


One of the greatest of my revelations occurred just the other day 3-17-11, almost exactly one year from my Blog’s inception, this awakening was the realization that in order to fully understand the nature, and purpose of the Bible it had to die as the literal word of God and be viewed as what it truly is (a collection of myths), before it could be reborn in a higher dimension and viewed as the grand Archetype of the whole human experience. Instead of the Bible being viewed as a literal account of human interaction with God which has countless problems associated with it…I now read it as an account of how mankind experienced who and what they thought God was, thus finding parallels with other cultures that had similar ideas of god in their own myths with many of the same concepts mapping onto Archetypes common to all of humanity.


This death and rebirth process can be likened to the metamorphosis of a butterfly in which the caterpillar must die before it can be transformed and reborn as a butterfly; only through this death and rebirth can the Bible be viewed from the higher dimension of Archetypes. For me, this involved plunging myself into reality, and only now have I reached the end of the first leg of my journey, but it is an end that was needful to be reached in order to view the Bible as what it truly is, in turn revealing the depths of its origins…that being the grand Archetype of the whole human experience…now this is where the second leg of my journey begins…..



Transforming how we look at Scripture….

Changing the interpretive foundation of the Bible from the letter of the law, to the spirit of freedom from the law….allowing what we read in Scripture to be transformed, by letting its true image reflect on our souls like a mirror….only then can its message for this age be realized.

Written language began with letters (egg); then the birth of Scripture began with Moses (the caterpillar), starting the process of growing until that stage of development was complete and reached its maturity….becoming a bound book around the 3rd century (much like when the caterpillar reaches maturity and is bound into a cocoon), now in the 21st century with the advent of the Bible Wheel – Scripture can be seen to have transformed into a book to be viewed from a dimension that is beyond words on the printed page – to that of transcending  into the realm of the heavens (like the emerging of the butterfly from the cocoon, being released from the bondage of its earthly tomb to fly free)….metamorphosing into a design of awe inspiring beautiful numbers….leaving behind the earthly and taking on the heavenly.

Galatians 4:25-26 For this Hagar … answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.

With this in mind the words of the Bible that record the progress of human history as being written to people of a different time, can be transformed into a message of sacred design that is formed from that same written word. Much like the metamorphosis of the butterfly….taking the DNA of the caterpillar and within the cocoon, transforms the same DNA into that of a beautiful butterfly bearing no resemblance to it original form.

The Bible is an historical account of mans perception of “God” from the dawn of civilization to the ultimate presentation in the 1st century – when Jesus revealed the true nature of God to mankind. As we read through the Bible we find account after account of how a particular race of people (Jews) viewed “God” through their own myths, traditions, and customs of their time period. This historical biblical record ends with the final and highest account of God, and that is given by “Christ” in the 1st century.

Scripture is not meant to be an instruction book telling us how to live our lives by following ancient mans perception of God through their myths, customs, and traditions, but rather a progressive revelation of how man has perceived God throughout history. We as modern people with “enlightened minds” should look at those ideas, and concepts given us in the Bible, and use them as a measure of where we are at in our level of understanding of the true nature of God through our empathic capacity. How a person looks at and interprets what the Bible is revealing, directly reflects where he or she is at in their level of consciousness, and their understanding of the concept of God.

As mankind’s consciousness level raises, so does our empathic capacity which should in turn mature our understanding as to why the Bible has been preserved for us….not as a book which directs us to follow archaic customs and traditions of ancient man concerning their perception of God, but rather to be used as a rule of measure manifesting to us where we are at on the scale of human progress. Do we look at the horrendous stories contained in the Bible – that are presented to us as commands from God – with a moral judgment of condemnation, or with a motive of trying to justify what is presented to us as somehow being condoned by God? It is time for people with enlightened minds to stand up and declare the truth, instead of trying to justify, or sweep under the rug those things that seem to go against what we’ve been taught about the Bible.

If nothing else is gained from this article, I wished again to emphatically stress the idea that the Bible is not given to us as an instruction book that directs us to adhere to, and follow archaic customs and traditions of ancient peoples, but rather it is an account of how those ancient peoples perceived God through the mindset of the times they lived in; the highest account given being that of Christ, but that still is presented through the eyes of those who wrote down the words of Jesus from their time period. With this in mind, we can use those accounts as a rule of measure to judge our own perception of God, but by no means using the Bible as a command from God to return to, and be bound under those customs and traditions.

The more empathic a person is, the more he, or she is able to see that much of what is written in the Old Testament concerning the nature of God comes from the myths, customs, and traditions of the time-period, not from a true revelation of God. If we have truly risen to a higher level of human empathy, we should be able to see that clearly, thus the Bible becomes a measure of that standard.

The highest standard that the Bible reveals: “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Freedom & Equality”, should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind what the ultimate message of the Bible is about….anyone who teaches differently is in error.

Matt.5:17-18 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Matt.22:37-40 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Luke 24:44-45 And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me. Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,

The Law and the Prophets were incomplete until Jesus came,  His death fulfilled all the law and the prophets. Up until that point it was impossible to fulfill the requirements of the law merely by keeping the whole law….if it even could be done.

Jesus came not to make the law right by adding to or taking away from it, but to rectify the law through fulfillment….Love your Neighbor as yourself.

An enlightened mind sees the truth….so, the only possible way one can love God without really being able to know Him, is by loving your neighbor as yourself.

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