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Twenty years ago when Hillary Clinton was First Lady of the United States, she addressed the United Nations and spoke these powerful words, “If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all.” from that time until today she has tirelessly pursued the task of championing human rights for all people.


“The potential within every person to learn, discover and embrace the world around them, the potential to join freely with others to shape their communities and their societies so that every person can find fulfillment and self-sufficiency, the potential to share life’s beauties and tragedies, laughter and tears with the people we love – that potential is sacred.”

Secretary Hillary Clinton   12/14/09


“Hillary Rodham Clinton’s dedication to the cause of women’s rights began early in her life and has never faltered. Whether as a stand-out young woman at Wellesley College, an attorney and advocate, First Lady of the United States, US Senator, or as Secretary of State, her banner has been held high.  The words on that banner have been simple, powerful, and inarguable. “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights, once and for all.” When Hillary Clinton uttered those words at the 1995 Beijing Conference on Women, the effect was electrifying. Never before had a woman of her prominence spoken out with such boldness and clarity on the appalling treatment of women around the world. And they certainly had not done it in China!”



“Culture and religion have been male; formed by men with – as we shall see – a ‘place’ for women. It does not do to patch up the past. We need revolution. Only when men can be pried free from their ancestry, can we, women and men together, begin to create something new.” ~ Daphne Hampson, After Christianity


Those words perfectly sum up the problem with trying to re-work Christianity and its biblical foundation to make it more female friendly, instead of creating something new. The Bible is sorely lacking in female role models that are based on anything other than women who are submissive to men and whose sole purpose is to bear male children, whereas biblical male role models consist of men with courage, strength, willpower and endurance, like Noah, Abraham, Moses, and King David abound. Examples in the Bible that women are suppose to look up to include prostitutes like Rahab, or women like Sarah, Ruth, Rebecca or Mary, all made famous because of the sons they bore … this is not the case with men. These women and many more in Scripture are elevated to a high status by men based on the patriarchal standards of the submissiveness and bearing male offspring. Women need female role models that edify and encourage them to live up to their full potential, which goes far beyond just fulfilling a biological purpose of reproduction. Read the rest of this entry »

Being a feminist means that you believe in gender equality. It is long past time for every man and woman to step forward and speak up for equal rights, as Emma Watson says, “If not you, then who and if not now, then when?”.  Each of us can make a difference.

genderbiasimagesBelow is a portion of a comment I received the other day on a blog article I wrote, titled Women: Disrespected and Dishonored in the Bible. One line from her comment jumped out at me and I chose to use it as the title of this article, because it describes so well the role women play in the Bible … that of submitting to the man and being used as an instrument for his happiness.


“Women are disrespected in the bible. It is dishonest and quite a spin to claim otherwise. How many men want to line up and submit to their wives? How many husbands want to have to always surrender their wants, wishes and desires to those of their wife? How many men want to be told that their wife has the right to control every single aspect of their life? How many men want to be told they must obey their wife and to do otherwise is to sin. I don’t think too many men would volunteer for that. However, since God created us I guess He can decide which vessels are for honor and which are for dishonor and obviously the women is the vessel for dishonor. God made us and that is His right. You can deny this but you are not being honest. It would be better to just admit it and then work on how to make it as painless as possible for women. Obviously men are God’s favorites and everything He did is intended to help them achieve happiness. Women are merely instruments for men’s happiness and if they want to go to heaven they must accept their lowly position.”


I am saddened that a woman, who sees so clearly the male-bias of the Bible, has chosen to resign herself to the fact that it must be true. I know this is the case for countless women who have been indoctrinated from the teachings of the Bible, into thinking that they must take the submissive role in male/female relationships. For many years I too was a firm believer in the teachings of the Bible as the word of god, but my eyes were finally opened when I began to look deeply into the strong biases against women that are found throughout the Old and New Testaments. Verses such as the one below epitomize the role of women in fulfilling the desires of men. Read the rest of this entry »


As a woman I am deeply offended and insulted by the way the Bible disrespects women. From the extreme bias that allows women and girls to be sold as sex slaves, to denying women equal human rights with men, the Bible is filled with offensive and disgusting behavior aimed at women. When one stops and thinks about it, does it not seem extremely suspicious that the doctrines of the Christian faith are all biased in favor of men … especially in regards to the books of the Bible which were written solely by men, and the male god the Bible portrays? Passage after passage, book after book, women are subjected to all manner of disrespect and dishonor at hands of men, all directed by the god portrayed within its pages. Read the rest of this entry »


















  1. I challenge anyone, to find me a girl/woman who would not want the choice of whether or not to get an education.
  2. I challenge anyone, to find me a girl/woman who would not want to choose IF or WHOM she marries.
  3. I challenge anyone, to find me a girl/woman who would not want to choose IF and WHEN she has children.
  4. I challenge anyone, to find me a girl/woman who would not choose to have control over her own body.
  5. I challenge anyone, to find me a girl/woman who would not say that women’s rights are human rights.
  6. I challenge anyone, to find me a girl/woman who would not want to decide whether or not she is genitally mutilated?


Of course this is a challenge that no one will take, because there are no women to be found that do not want the freedom to make their own choices about what is done to their bodies. The same freedoms that are afforded men in every country on this planet are denied women in a large percentage of them…this is beyond unacceptable, it is outrageous in the extreme. How did our world get into such a condition as to deny half the population equal human rights? Why would any man ever think that his humanity is somehow deserving of more freedoms and that his gender gives him rights over another persons body? Has the intelligence of men become so twisted, as to think it is reasonable to assume that half the population, which brings forth the life of the other half, is somehow inferior? Read the rest of this entry »



Empower Women

Their intellect a resource

Their bodies give life


The key to a better future for all humanity means empowering women and educating men. To be assured of a world where humans can thrive and flourish, the greatest resource we have needs to be empowered.


Empowering women means:


  1. More educated women.
  2. Less unwanted marriages, pregnancies, and abortions.
  3. Lower population growth.
  4. Improved quality of life for everyone.
  5. Greater intellectual resources.
  6. Increase in ethical and moral values.
  7. Less violence and abuse.


Educating men to:


  1. Respect all people’s human rights.
  2. Learn that violence is never okay except in self defense.
  3. Treat women as you wish to be treated.
  4. Work together as equals for the benefit of all.
  5. Act in an ethical and moral way to women.
  6. Take responsibility for and control your own actions.
  7. Understand that women’s bodies are their own, they do not owe you sex.



The history of patriarchal rule shows that it has failed to establish a society where all people live up to their potential and flourish. Men need to grow up and take responsibility for how they treat women; they need to use their intelligence to empower women to work with them as a team instead of cutting off half the population. Cutting off half the resources of a population can be compared to only allowing a power generating plant to run at half capacity, thus producing only half of the energy needed to supply the whole population…this would be utterly ridiculous, but that is exactly what men are doing when they keep half the population from living up to their full potential. Too many men use religion as a tool to control women, without realizing they are diminishing the quality of well-being for the whole community. It is only when women are empowered to walk in their full capacity as human beings will the world realize its full potential. EMPOWER WOMEN to walk in their full potential – EDUCATE MEN to respect women as equals.

mb_dyson_opinion-200x0Losing my Religion for Equality is an excellent article by former president Jimmy Carter, describing why he left the Southern Baptist Convention. I have reposted the article in full and bolded the sections which I have chosen to comment on.

“Women and girls have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.”

 While it is true that women and girls have been discriminated against on account of biblical teaching, one does not need to do any twisting to find passages of Scripture that are biased against women denying them equal rights. While I agree that the minds of those that want to dominate and control women are twisted, the Bible lends itself readily to their misogynistic whims.

I HAVE been a practicing Christian all my life and a deacon and Bible teacher for many years. My faith is a source of strength and comfort to me, as religious beliefs are to hundreds of millions of people around the world. So my decision to sever my ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, after six decades, was painful and difficult. It was, however, an unavoidable decision when the convention’s leaders, quoting a few carefully selected Bible verses and claiming that Eve was created second to Adam and was responsible for original sin, ordained that women must be “subservient” to their husbands and prohibited from serving as deacons, pastors or chaplains in the military service.”

The reason men can claim that women are responsible for original sin is because that is what the Bible clearly teaches. The apostle Paul states in 1Tim.2:13&14 that Adam was created first and Eve was the one who was in the transgression, he also states that women are to be subservient to men. The nature of many men in positions of authority is that they will use any opportunity available to them to dominate and control women, but the Bible has been handed to them on a silver platter containing everything they need to justify their control of women, this is because its words were written by men. Read the rest of this entry »

integrity3imagesWomen’s bodies are not a commodity as many patriarchal societies believe, and no man has a right to violate the integrity of her body in any way. Throughout history the value of a woman has been placed upon her sexual purity and it is when men violate her integrity that she becomes devalued. There is no such devaluation for a man, because it is men who have set the standard of a woman’s worth and it is men who created the division of inequality between the genders. The Bible clearly reinforces this practice of division between male and female in all areas of life which reveals its human origins. What starts out in the second chapter of Genesis with male and female being as “one flesh” quickly devolves into the woman being ruled over by the man and becoming his possession, thus setting clear lines of division between the genders and making certain natural functions of a woman’s body considered unclean and shameful. Even in the New Testament Jesus makes it clear to his audience that the best condition for man is to be unmarried (separated from the woman), as does the apostle Paul who confirms the sentiment that it is only good to marry if one cannot contain their sexual desires, but the best way is to remain unmarried as he is. This does nothing but exacerbate the already existing division between male and female, which is also contrary to the idea of unity put forth in Genesis 2. Read the rest of this entry »

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