This section of my Blog  called the Hall of Praise is dedicated to those individuals who have by their words and actions chosen to make this world a better place by finding injustice and exposing it. The first example I wish to share that is worthy of much praise comes from a Website called: Grace and Truth to You…by Wade Burleson.

Wade relates the story of a woman named Sheri Klouda who from 2002-2006 was a Professor of Hebrew, at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Here is a quote from Wade’s Blog on Sheri Klouda:

“This post is written for the purpose of drawing attention to a brilliant theologian who served Southern Baptists as a professor of Hebrew at Southwestern Theological for a total of seven and a half years, three and a half as an adjunct professor and four as full time elected faculty, establishing impeccable credentials and an extraordinary track record, only to be forced out from the job of her dreams for solely one reason — her gender.”

Sheri Klouda was forced to find another job when she was denied Tenure at SBTS simply because she was a woman. This story began to unfold when SBTS hired a new President by the name of Paige Patterson. In June of 2004, 1 year after Paige Patterson was appointed President of the College, Sheri Klouda was informed that she would never be granted Tenure….and why is that you might ask: simply because she was a women and Paige Patterson deemed that no woman was going to teach a man at the college he was President of….using the Bible, as his weapon to strip from Sheri Klouda her much deserved Tenure.

“In that June, 2004, precisely a year after Patterson had been appointed President of the school, Sheri was told that it was ‘the President’ who would never recommend her for tenure. Why? It had nothing to do with her professional performance or collegiality, but simply her gender. She would not be given tenure by the President, because she was the only female teaching biblical studies in the school of theology, and that was not the proper place for a woman. There were many qualified men that could fill that position and it was the President’s desire to replace her. Southwestern would give her two to three years to find another position at a reputable school, but she was to do her best to find another position as quickly as possible.”

Wade Burleson has done an outstanding job of exposing this egregious act of discrimination that was allowed to happen under the cover of a Christian College. Not only has Wade brought to light this injustice, but he has also put his words into action by working with his church to give Sheri financial support in her time of need. His complete article on Sheri Klouda can be found here.

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