It is perfectly acceptable to disparage and mock racism, sexism or bias of any kind, it also should be equally acceptable to insult and criticize religions that deny people freedom to exercise their equal human rights. Religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism that teach sexism and human rights violations deserve to be criticized and mocked for the immoral values they are teaching, they are an insult to the modern intelligent mind and an affront to our moral sensibilities. Anyone who has read significant portions of the Bible, or the Quran and not come away feeling their innate sense of justice has been hugely offended, is in need of a taking a good look at their conscience to find what is lacking. I know it is quite easy to overlook and ignore offending passages in the sacred writings of one’s faith (I myself did so for many years), but when these issues are brought to their attention, only to have them try and justify those immoralities, one begins to wonder if there is not a serious lack of moral values.


If more people would boldly stand up and decry the injustice and immoral behavior written in the holy books of their faith, I would wager to say that the exodus from these religions would increase significantly. But, as long as truth remains hidden to the human mind by those who blindly follow the doctrines of their religion, moral progress will suffer as a consequence.


Intelligent minds have better arguments against the bad ideas of religions. Issues once held to be immoral, like blasphemy, the day of the week you worship on, and a persons sexual preference are no longer considered to be moral issues. Instead, true moral issues like slavery and equal human rights for all people have risen to the top of our moral thinking, thus moral progress is at its highest level in all of human history. Moral issues have everything to do with violations against a persons well-being and just treatment as a human, and nothing to do with mocking or insulting a deity, or ones sacred text.

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