A common theme that runs through most of the worlds’ major religions devised by men is the MISTREATMENT, and INEQUALITY of women. What one finds is endless squabbling between man and god about things like how many wives a man can have, if he can divorce his wife, who’s property a woman is, and what rights does she have concerning inheritance, is a woman impure longer after she has a female baby than after she has a male baby, if a man claims a woman is not a virgin what punishments are inflicted upon her, or if he accuses her of adultery because he is jealous what must she suffer? Sometimes a man can have a pagan wife (Ruth was a Moabite), other times he cannot, sometimes it’s okay to keep the pagan virgin women for themselves, other times they must kill them all. Should women cover only their heads, or their entire faces, can a woman speak in church, or must she be silent, will a woman be saved by childbirth, or not, must a woman submit to a man as her head, or not? Bottom line: does a woman have any rights aside from those given her by a man? The list could go on and on, but I think my point has been made….it looks man made.


The one thing above all else that tells me the Bible is entirely of human construction is its viewpoint on women. No creator of the magnitude and intelligence it would take to form the heaven and earth with all of its fine tuning would stoop to such pettiness, and perversion, as to create a species called the human animal, that must obey a set of such blatantly skewed laws and rules (that no one can, or should keep), as those portrayed in the Bible.


We have written history as an example of how men have felt about women down through the ages….the Bible just exemplifies those feelings, and attributes it to a god. Men have always used their physical strength and power to promote their superiority and suppress those who are weaker, but those who adhere to the Bible justify it by declaring god made the laws!  The same holds true for many of the other major religions of the world.


In many places in the Old Testament women are considered the property of the man, and are little more than sex slaves at the beck and call of their male masters, all of this is condoned by the god of man’s making. This is by no means exclusive to the Bible, ancient and modern cultures alike are riddled with such examples, but the sad thing being is that in the majority of the cases the reason for the inequality is attributed to a teaching of that particular religion’s god or gods.


The huge gaping wound created by the Old Testament’s promotion of the abuse of women, has only become a festering, pus infected sore, with the advent of the New Testament, and continues to ooze its infection into modern times. It has become crystal clear to me that what caused the Bible to become a dead book, has now come full circle and caused its stinking corpse to be buried.


As my vision becomes clearer, and clearer, I see there is absolutely no way a book such as the Bible that shares a common theme of abuse, and inequality of women with most of the worlds major religions, can ever again hold any credence as being the word of god….for me it’s dead, and buried – RIP – that is not to say that the Bible in and of itself  is not a wonderful treasure of ancient literature that reflects the human experience of God.

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  • Sue:

    Well said, Rose. The bible endorses slavery of women to men. We can never achieve equality when this book is being used. I had to leave christianity because of the horrible things the bible says about women. I’m just working to keep our laws secular, endorsing the separation of church and state. If the church had it’s way, we’d all be walking around in burkas, and having no rights. Take care.

    • Rose:

      Hi Sue, thank you for taking time to comment. It was only when I took the step to look at what the Bible really says about women, instead of pushing all the abominations out of the way and only looking at “good parts” that I could no longer remain a Chirstian. The Bible has caused more damage to women rights then any other single work in history, and it’s time people wake up and see it for what it is…a anthology of ancient literature – not the word of God.

      All the Best,

  • A. Woman:

    We were only cursed because we sinned. It was sin that brought this upon us, not God or the Bible. We did. We can keep complaining about it, or we can take it like a woman. It’s been how many years?
    Plus, the Bible is a very, very long love story. It shows how no matter how many times we messed up, God still did all of this for us. He eventually even gave up His own Son. I don’t think you are getting the point of its existence. Have you read it entirely? Cover to cover?
    I hope that you will.
    <3 <3 <3

    • Rose:

      Hello, and thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂 Yes, I have read the Bible cover to cover and have studied it extensively. I was a Christian for about 25 years and have only found my freedom from its bondage in the last couple years. Once my eyes were opened to the truth of the Bible I could clearly see that this book that Christians hold to be the word of God is no more than an historical record of how Bronze Age men perceived god. Everything in the Bible is biased toward the male, even the male warrior god Yahweh, that they created in their own image, but as long as you are trapped under the bondage of a false religion your vision will be clouded, and you will be unable to see the truth.

  • A. Woman:

    That who created? Many people over thousands of years from all aspects of life physically wrote down God’s words. It’s impossible to have collected all of those accounts and have their story fit so perfectly. Impossible,unless of course, something more intelligent was behind it. All of the prophecies fit together, miraculously.

    I had a hard time this past year with my faith, to be honest. It was, in fact, over the same issue. I didn’t know what to think at all. Every church service I went to, I bawled. I didn’t want my family to know that I was struggling because I felt weak. I shouldn’t be bothered by this. But what if all of this was a lie? Of course my family and peers would steer me towards the same direction I’ve always been led. I needed to figure it out myself.

    I eventually found myself back where I started, in the faith that is. Shouldn’t that mean something? What about all of the people that risked their lives and eventually gave them up?

    When I look back at the time when I struggled with my faith, all I can see is pain. I was going through a lot of stress and there was nowhere I could go to. Now that I have God, I have peace. I have a reason to go out and be who I am. No matter who or what tries to knock me down, He is there to lift me up. I can go to Him and I have hope.

    If I had a choice to believe or not, which we all do, I would rather believe. It brings out the best in people, thinking that it’s going to be ok in the end and we’ll get through it. All because Jesus loves me. He loves you, too.

  • Rose:

    Hi A.Woman,
    You said:

    “It’s impossible to have collected all of those accounts and have their story fit so perfectly.”

    The reality is that the Bible does not fit perfectly together, it is full of contradictions, errors, and outright falsehoods. Even with all the editing done by scribes trying to fix the errors a tremendous amount of errors still remain…and as for the prophecies, many of them are so ambiguous that they can be made to say just about anything you want, so the accuracy rate is pretty abysmal.

    People of all religious backgrounds have risked their lives and given up their lives for beliefs that we now know to be completely false, so that in and of itself means nothing. Think of all the Muslims who blow themselves up thinking they are doing the will of Allah.

    Of course it is totally your choice to believe as you see fit, that is the beauty of living in a free country. I do have to disagree with your statement though that Christianity brings out the best in people, because history shows quite the opposite…early church history is filled with violence pitting Christian against Christian, all because they held a slightly different belief.

    The bottom line is that anyone who studies the Bible in any depth soon realizes that it is a completely male-biased book, written by men who patterned its god after the male tribal war gods of the surrounding cultures, where women were considered property, and never equal with men…those are just the facts ma’am.

    Thanks for your comments,

  • A. Woman:

    Please elaborate on the “errors” of the Bible. Thanks! 🙂
    You are right on the part that we will never be equal with men. That’s what we were cursed with many years ago. I agreed with you on that part. We are equal in God’s eyes. It’s in men’s eyes where we aren’t equal. Genesis 3:16 reads, “To the woman he said, ‘I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.'”
    There were also many human errors that occurred in the church while waiting for His return. The prophecy of the antichrist includes this information. The antichrist was to come into the church and lead many astray. There were many reforms in the history of the church because of the human mistakes and misunderstandings. The earthly church will never be perfect. It’s the holy church of saints which we strive for.
    And, yes, thank God for this country in which we have the freedom of religion! 🙂

    • Rose:

      Hi A.Woman
      There are so many errors and contradictions in the Bible that I will just list a few and then give you a link to a site that lists a bunch of them. The first big factual errors occur in Genesis with the creation story, God created day and night on the first day, but didn’t create the sun until the fourth day after he created the plants on the third day. Another scientific error in Genesis is the description of a firmament dividing the waters below from the waters above, this firmament in Genesis is described as a literal dome or bowl which separates the sky from the earth. A couple contradictions in the New Testament are where the Gospels speak of the anointing of Jesus by the woman, Johns account is off by 4 days from the other Gospels. Another one is the preparation of the Passover, Johns Gospel places that event on the day of the crucifixion, whereas the other Gospels place it the day before. Here is a link to a site that lists many more: site link

      Women most definitely are equal to men, it’s only males that want to dominate women who believe differently. I am sure glad that the women suffragists didn’t follow biblical teaching, otherwise you and I still would not have the right to vote or be able to get an education along with all the other freedoms we enjoy in this country…sad to say many other countries are still far behind in gender equality. The Bible views women as the property of men and that is why men love to use it as a weapon to beat women over the head with. I am quite surprised that you are so willing to accept a subservient position that allows men to dictate what you can do with you life. It makes no sense to say women are equal in God’s eyes when you believe that God authored the Bible that says women are the property of men.

      The Church will never be perfect because it is made up of men, just like the Bible will never be perfect because it was written by men who made up a god in their own image and likeness.

      All the best,

  • Rose,

    I totally agree with everything you are saying, in that it certainly seems that way, and that’s part of why I wrote this book “Understanding Biblical Gender Equality” at walkintruth dot net. The entire book is free online to read. I would greatly encourage you, even challenge you, and your readers who have commented in agreement, to read this book. It’s a theology book that exposes how the biases of the church, male-centered, have led to biased teaching and even translation of the Bible, historically in what’s been handed down to us, and even today ignoring hard evidence and research to the contrary. It’s not like any other book on this topic, it’s largely new material. I can guarantee you, speaking from the Bible and the authority of the scriptures, that the Bible itself does teach the truth of women’s equality, and that they are greatly loved and equally valued by God. But as you said, men – evil men throughout history – have given the wrong impression in teaching otherwise. I would invite you to consider that maybe God’s words are pure and true, but men who were false teachers and pharisees have perverted what God has spoken in His Word to give many people a false impression – and to differentiate between the Bible and God’s Heart – and what men have said about it and Him. I also put the OT in perspective in this work for women, addressing the points you’ve raised above, something else you might not see elsewhere. Please consider taking the time to read it.

    Thank you,

    Hope Freeman

  • Rose:

    Hi Hope, thank you for offering your book. I will most certainly go and look at it, as I am always interested in searching out understanding. Considering the words you said:

    “God’s words are pure and true, but men who were false teachers and pharisees have perverted what God has spoken in His Word”

    I must challenge you on this point. How can God’s words in the Bible be true, when biased men who were false teachers penned its words? The only book we have is the Bible and if its words are corrupted by the thoughts and ideas of men there is no way it can be considered a trustworthy book. I have written a lengthy article called, The Male Bias of the Bible in which I expose some of the more blatantly biased verses found in Scripture. If there is a true god he would have never allowed his truth to be tainted by the hands of biased men. Women’s equality as far as equal human rights goes is practically non existent in the Bible, they were treated in the manner that was common to the customs and traditions of the time period, with the exception of Paul’s equality statement where he spoke of those who were “in Christ” being the same.

    Your words “to differentiate between the Bible and God’s Heart” is a contradiction in terms. The Bible is supposed to reveal the heart of God and how he loves us, but I have noticed that throughout Scripture the manner in which God is shown to love is conditional, whereas we are instructed to love him unconditionally. If one wants to create a god of equality from picking through the Bible and finding the parts they like, it is surely their prerogative, but then its words become meaningless.

    Thank you again for your offer,

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