Most of us spend a good portion of our lives as caterpillars, munching our way through life with only a ground view perspective. This was the condition of my life up until two years ago, when quite unexpectedly a transformation began to take place which ultimately lead to my metamorphosis into a butterfly. Now, a whole new perspective has opened up before my eyes, what I wasn’t able see in my caterpillar state burst forth in brilliance all around me. A world that was always there, but hidden from view because of my condition, is now what I experience as a new found freedom walking in my integrity each moment.


In my caterpillar stage I could only perceive of god in a very limited and finite way, because I had only seen the world through eyes with very narrow vision. It was impossible for me to comprehend anything other than the god that was defined for me within the pages of the Bible, because I was still in the process of growing. As caterpillars we blindly accept our lot in life as a permanent condition, because it is beyond our understanding that one day we can become butterflies. The teachings of many religions exhort people to accept what has been given them as the will of their particular god, and to cease from struggling to become something better and to simply accept their lot in life. If nothing comes along to challenge that belief then we remain in the caterpillar state our whole lives, never experiencing the wonderful transformation into a butterfly.


We make a temporal, physical footprint while we are in our caterpillar stage, but we make an eternal, spiritual footprint when we are elevated to our enlightened butterfly stage…this completes our human experience.

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