powerimagesA common thread that runs through all those who aspire to rule the lives of other people is the love of power and of being worshiped. There is not one dictator plucked from the annals of history that doesn’t share with his fellow rulers the love of obeisance from his minions. Above all else, the drive to obtain power and authority over ones fellow humans is what drives and compels these men to pursue the path to conquer and rule. The desire to be worshiped and praised by ones subjects is what these humans share with the gods they create (which should in and of itself be a clue as to the origins of these gods). There is not a human tyrant to be found, or a god that is read about in sacred texts who doesn’t demand worship and obedience, this in and of itself should raise the question of why human tyrants and their gods reflect each other so closely.  Under the guise of justice men who love power force their gods upon the innocent who have no choice but to obey, or suffer the consequences.


The questions that come to mind are; what is gained from this demand for worship and praise other than inflating ones ego, and why does the wrath of god found in the Bible so perfectly match the wrath of human dictators whose subjects do not give them proper worship and obedience?  Also, if there is a god who created all that we see why does he need the praise and worship from his creation, is he not confident enough in himself? What could possibly be gained from demanding worship from beings that you yourself created? Ponder on these questions for a moment and ask yourself if what I have said is not true.


Religions of all brands propagate and continue by force, the power to exert their will upon those who either don’t have the mental or physical strength to fight against them. People are either trapped in their religions because of birth status, or are lead their by guilt and coercion. All religions throughout history have begun upon the same foundation of presenting gods or goddesses that are patterned in some shape or form with human and animal traits. There is not a divine being to be found in all the sacred texts on the planet that has a unique characteristic that is not common to man, with qualities such as: love of power, love of worship, anger, jealousy, loving, hateful, spiteful, petty, and the list could go on …


The human heart has a desire to seek out its beginnings and in so doing posits gods to fill the gaps, but gradually as those gaps are filled with knowledge the gods of human religions occupy smaller and smaller places. Still, religions cling to their gods and shape their doctrines to conform to the writing of primitive men. The single most important thing a person can do to break free for the bondage of religious dogmas is to open ones eyes and question everything – be a skeptic – don’t just blindly accept what you are taught. Use your mind to judge what you are told against your own heart, and always err on the side of your heart.

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