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I became a Christian in my mid twenties, mostly because I finally found a place to posit the god I believed in from the time I was a small child. I was not raised in a Christian home, but developed a very close relationship with what I thought (through my own personal experience) was the creator of everything. This god of my childhood made me feel protected and secure so it was enlightening to finally find out about (what I thought was) his real nature through the Bible when I became a Christian. From the beginning of my Christian walk I encountered many problems with what I found written in the Bible (what I thought at the time was god’s word), but usually was able to explain away the immoralities and contradictions, or justify them to some degree. Things that I couldn’t resolve I simply set aside for another time. My Christian walk continued in that manner for around twenty eight years, till I was in my early fifties and for all that time I was able to justify my belief by isolating myself from opposing viewpoints. Because I mapped the god of my childhood onto the Christian god it never occurred to me to question the validity of his existence anymore then I would think to question the existence of my parents. God’s existence to me was just an aspect of reality and the Bible was his guide book, but all that changed in late 2009 when my husband and I began to ask questions. My questioning led me to look deeper into many of the previous problems that I had formerly pushed aside, one of which was the extreme male bias exhibited throughout the entire Bible. It was when I decided to face those problems head on that my Christian world began to crumble around me.

Little by little as I opened my eyes to the reality that lay beyond my sheltered environment of religious belief, rays of truth broke through and a whole new perspective opened up before me. I couldn’t have imagined that life outside my belief in god was so inspiring and refreshing. I was hungry for knowledge like a child asking “why” and “how come” in response to everything they encounter. It seemed there weren’t enough hours in the day to find time for all the ideas I wished to explore. How thankful I am to be alive at a time when the internet provides me with access to an unlimited amount of knowledge for the discriminating mind. I have learned the value of questioning and to be “A skeptic”. Skepticism has taught my mind the art of critical thinking, to reason and care deeply about truth.

The booklet that follows is some of the things I discovered when I used the power of reason to find the truth. This journey I have taken into light and freedom was not something I would have imagined in my wildest dreams, but I am so glad to be here where every breath is fresh and the skies are open. I realize no one can take this journey from faith to freedom until they are ready…it is my heartfelt desire that maybe through reading this book your eyes will be opened and you will experience the freedom I have. The one thing I would like to stress is that above all else…question everything  just as you did when you were a child. Needing a god to believe in is something left over from the infancy of our race when there were so many “unknowns” and gods were needed to explain them, but now it is time to grow up and put aside childish thinking. One of the first steps I took was acknowledging the fact that the god of the Bible is biased, he is untrustworthy and he is not just. Acknowledging the fact that if god truly does exist there is no rule that says he has to be trustworthy or fair anymore than your father’s existence means he must be trustworthy or fair. Anything that exists must be believed simply because it exists whether or not we like it.

When I took that first step of accepting the fact that the god portrayed in the Bible is extremely biased against women, is neither fair nor just, and acts in immoral ways … I was well on my way freedom. What the Bible says about the nature of god must be acknowledged and accepted instead of trying to use our own sense of morality to justify god’s actions. The mere fact that we as humans can use our own innate sense of morality should enlighten our minds to the fact that right and wrong are part of what makes us human. We can and should use our intellect to critically analyze our beliefs instead of swallowing what’s given us “hook line and sinker”. Once I saw the true nature of the biblical god, it only took a relatively short period of time to wake up to the brute fact that was staring me in the face…the biblical god was man made.

The heartfelt cause I am committed to fighting against is; the oppression of women in the name of religion. Any religion that denies the human rights of women and oppresses them should be exposed as a false teaching and condemned. The world will never be healed if half of its population continues to be  hurt by the other half. My goal in writing this booklet is not to try and deprive people of their religious beliefs, but rather to open their eyes to skeptical thinking and to not merely believe what one is told. It is important for each and every one of us to find out what we believe and why.

…read the booklet here.

4 Responses to “Gender Bias in the Bible”

  • Yes, indeed the Bible was written by men, just as History is written by the victors. From research it was Sir Francis Bacon that rewrote the King james Bible at the behest of the King to secure his Kingdom.
    When you look a little further “Allahtu” was also deleted and denied her rights (God’s wife). Both the Feminine and Masculine are required in equal strength to grow a balanced sentient being. A child benefits from both Role Models equally, and when this is disrupted, it shows through insecurities, and emotional problems. We are a micro symbol of the world, and we need to create a harmonious balance through right choices and loving attitudes. It’s time for God’s Wife to Step into Her power and write Herstory.

  • Rose:

    Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by to comment. Women are the hands that rock the cradle, giving them the power to teach their children from the cradle that all humans are equal. Women’s equality is a right that many religions deny based on their sacred texts. It’s time for women to rise up and reject any teaching that denies a woman equal rights with a man.

  • […] Likewise, when a female child is born the mother is unclean twice as long as when giving birth to a male (Lev 12:1-5). Space prohibits reviewing more of the evidence here. An extensive analysis is given in my wife’s article The Male Bias of the Bible. […]

  • […] Women are not allowed to teach because 1) males have primacy because Adam was created first and 2) women are not reliable teachers because they are easily deceived, like Eve. And it completes the picture of the creation myth when it says “woman will be saved through childbearing.” Space prohibits reviewing more of the evidence here. I give an extensive analysis in my article called The Inextricable Sexism of the Bible where I show that the sexism is entwined with fundamental Biblical theology. See also my wife’s article The Male Bias of the Bible. […]

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