As long as a woman regards the Bible as the charter of her rights, she will be the slave of man. The Bible was not written by a woman. Within its leaves there is nothing but humiliation and shame for her.   ~ Robert Ingersoll



The topic of sexism in the Bible is one that needs to be explored from an angle that I think has been neglected to a large degree. Most of the focus seems to be on trying to justify, or reason away the bias and sexism that is rampant throughout the Bible in order to try and give women equal standing. As I have done in many of my articles on biblical male bias, I am going to once again explore how Scripture is written from the mentality of the primitive male mindset that is focused on domination and control, and expose how that “thought pattern” is mapped onto the biblegod, Yahweh. My objective is not to slander the Christian religion, but rather to accurately show that the Bible is a book written from the minds of men who thought they were inspired by a masculine god they created and named Yahweh. This male-biased structure of the Bible becomes very apparent upon close inspection.


In most primitive societies male domination was a common form of rule, this was no different in the Bronze Age culture of the Bible as is made clear by the composition of its pages. From the very first book of the Bible, sexism rears its ugly head; in the second chapter of Genesis we read how the woman is made from man and for the man, then blamed for introducing sin into the human race, and consequently punished by the biblegod with the declaration that the man will rule over her…this all happens within the span of two chapters, and sets the stage for the entire Bible. Taking a careful look at what transpires in chapters two and three of Genesis one can easily see where the subsequent bias against women was conceived. As one progresses through the Bible, women’s human rights are quickly eroded away to the point of her becoming no more than a man’s property.

In the Bible:


  1. Women were considered the property of the man.
  2. Women were ruled over by men solely based on their gender.
  3. Women do not share equal rights with men.
  4. Women are considered inferior to men.
  5. Progeny is carried through the loins of the male.
  6. The biblegod is portrayed with “male” attributes.


These six points reveal an overarching sexism in Scripture that should not be ignored or reasoned away. My purpose in exposing this overwhelming male-bias is to bring attention to the negative affect the Bible has had on the lives of countless women and men throughout history. There is no need to reject the Bible completely, only to realize that this ancient book was conceived in the minds of men who thought they were inspired by a male-god they called Yahweh. From the perspective of primitive minds and ancient cultural traditions, men mapped their own misogynistic qualities onto the god they created in their own minds.


The sexism manifest in the Bible has been a huge detriment to the progression of women’s human rights in the world, and has in fact done nothing but hinder the cause of equality. Given all the blatant sexism that the Bible contains along with the many scientific errors, contradictions, immoralities, and outright falsehoods, one begins to wonder what positive use this book could possibly have. One will often hear that Christianity offers equality of gender and race in Christ, but fail to realize exactly what that equality really means. Verses like Galations 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” have nothing to do with equality between the genders, but rather are referring to all humans being able to equally participate in salvation. The biblegod clearly lays out the roles that males and females are to have and there is definitely no equality of human rights between those roles. Until each individual realizes the freedom they have to pursue truth outside of the pages of the Bible they will remain trapped in its sexist dogma.

5 Responses to “Sexism in the Bible”

  • Wendy:

    What a fascinating topic; cause for much debate! Thanks for opening this can of worms. I am a bit verbally challenged when it comes to making intriguing replies – so bear with me. Genesis 2:18 “..It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for (corresponding to) him”. and verse 24 when the man will leave his parents and “hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”. I don’t take these to be domineering or sexist in any way. Rather, it shows the “two becoming one” and the need for co-operation in a marriage and between the sexes. I agree with you that Gal. 3:28 shows all humans being able to equally participate in Salvation – doesn’t that mean we (males and females) are all equal? Where is the sexism in that?
    I think when Bible truths are taken out of context and warped and interpreted by the human mind they can lead to sexism and other extremes, for sure.
    As for the Bible being full of scientific errors, and falsehoods, are you saying because our human brains cannot comprehend or logically explain or justify something we read it is automatically wrong?

  • Rose:

    Hello again Wendy, Don’t you think it interesting that in Genesis 2 Adam is told to try and find a mate from amongst all the animals? Is that crazy or what? How would Adam possibly find a mate from amongst the animals he was supposed to be above and name? The next fatal flaw in the Garden Story is when for the sin of eating from a tree that was purposely made desirable for food and wisdom, Eve is cursed with being ruled over by the man and pain in childbirth, whereas the man is merely told he will toil to bring forth food from the ground…of which women are equally cursed. For that matter what animal doesn’t toil to get their food? It always takes effort to get food. This is but the beginning of the male-bias and sexism that is rampant throughout the pages of the Bible.

    If you want to believe in a god that is fair and balanced I am all for it, but it most certainly is not the biblegod. If you will read my article Male Bias of the Bible, you will quickly see in verse after verse the extreme bias towards the male.

    The Bible being full of errors has nothing to do with our human brains being able to comprehend the truth. Many of the facts the Bible presents are just outright wrong. Take for instance in the days of creation when the plants are made on the third day and the sun and moon are made on the fourth day…that is one amongst many, many scientific errors contained in Scripture.

  • In this passage, I have to agree that god’s laws are sexist and against women. In 1 Corinthians 10:17 11 is say,” But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man and the head of Christ is god.” Still God is at the top but us women are at the bottom. Yes I know god says for we all are equal and not better than each other which is true but when you listen to this verse it sounds like God himself is making a sin. Which God does not make sins because he is god. And sexist is a sin. Open your eyes Christains. Also there is one verse in the bible which I forgot the name of it says,” It is disgraceful for a woman to speak in church but to submission. If a woman has a question she must ask her own husband at home.” We ourselfs, as women, do speak in church because we know that what god has said is wrong. But men have been allowed to speak. Also another verse I know is that women can not teach or have authorities over men. What are we doing now? Teaching kids, and becoming mothers of the male gender. Totally sexist! Also in Genisis, which this is a very common verse. It talks about how they will be punished but than it goes on to Eve and how she will suffer terribly through childbirth, and how your husband will rule over you. After that it doesn’t say anything about Adam and how he will punished. Even worse! I know you should never question god in a not peaceful way but… God, Why are you being so sexist in the bible?!!! Are you sexist your self?!! Because in the bible your making terrible sins!!! It is like you made us on earth just random creatures that man will rape,abuse, make love with, kill, hurt body parts, and call names. This really hurts my feelings which makes me decrease my love for men and Christ himself. P.s why is it himself why not her herself? :/

    • Rose:

      Hello Emily,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to comment. 🙂 You have taken the first step in the journey to freedom by acknowledging, and questioning the sexism in the Bible. The second step is deciding how that will affect your faith. For me the realization that the Bible is full of discriminatory rules and sexist doctrines against women, led me to the conclusion that the entirety of Scripture must be man made – including its god. There are far too many decrees accredited to god – contained in the Bible – that deny women basic human rights for me to be able to believe they came from a just god.

      Women share the same humanness as men and therefore should be treated with the same human rights, but time and time again, throughout Scripture women’s basic human rights are violated. This in and of itself, is enough to expose the human nature of the Biblegod. I hope that you will be able to come to terms with the overt sexism in the Bible and arrive at a place where you will be at peace in your conclusions as to the nature of that sexism …

      Keep questioning,

  • Josef Sefton:

    As long as a woman regards the Bible as the charter of her rights, she will be the slave of man. The Bible was not written by a woman. Within its leaves there is nothing but humiliation and shame for her.

    These are the foolish words of Robert Ingersoll who was a false teacher!

    What should a woman do? A woman should regard the Bible as a reliable foundation for her life, for the Bible is holy. Truly the holy Bible is divinely inspired.

    Everything the God who reveals Himself as God teaches in the Bible is trustworthy.

    God’s plan isn’t to enslave women, but to set them free. He had this plan, even before He created the first woman.

    How do we know this? We know this because the Lamb of God was slain, in God’s mind, before the creation of the earth.

    Rose, your conclusions about God are false. He isn’t as you teach someone man has imagined, but from eternity to eternity.

    How can someone who is love fail to be kind?
    Rose, what you teach is impossible, because kindness is an attribute of our loving God. He is kind to women.

    He chastises, corrects and rebukes, but He also heals, restores, consoles, edifies, empowers, teaches, shows compassion, forgives and loves!

    He is the truth and desires to set free women who are enslaved to sin. Truly Lord Jesus Christ loves His creation: both men and women. Put your wholehearted trust in Him and you will be blessed.

    Josef Sefton

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