marriageimagesFrom where is our right to marry given? Many Christians would say that the right to marry is given from their god and it only includes that which takes place between a man and a woman. If we stop for a moment and look at the origins of biblical marriage, one finds that it could include one man and hundreds of women. Only in the New Testament portion of the Bible, is marriage for a clergyman defined as being a man with one woman. Marriage is an institution made up by people coming from different cultures and as such encompasses many different rituals and beliefs; consequently no one should have exclusive rites to what defines a marriage.

Contained within our own Declaration of Independence is the phrase “All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, those words in and of themselves guarantee each individual the right to pursue happiness, and part of being happy is being with the one you love. Just because the norm for marriage is men and women does not mean is should be exclusively so. Every human has the right to well-being and having a life partner is part of a person’s well-being. It is long past time for the citizens of this country to stand up for the rights written into what defines our country as a land of religious freedom. Just as people of different faiths are granted the right to freely practice their religion, so should those of different sexual persuasions be allowed to freely choose those they wish to live with.

It’s sad to say that most of the resistance to gay marriage comes from religious fundamentalists. Those people, who are allowed to practice their religious dogmas and doctrines because of what our founding father fought for, are the very ones who wish to restrict the freedoms of others. What may I ask is the difference between those religious fundamentalists, who in times past forbid marriage between a black and a white person, and those of today who forbid marriage between same sex couples? There is no difference! In both cases the basic freedoms of the pursuit of happiness, entitled to all citizens of this country are being denied. Conservative Christians seem to be the worst offenders, when it comes to human rights. Women have long suffered under the patriarchal ruler-ship of the Christian Church, whose doctrines declare male authority over women. Even today many Christian women suffer under the oppressive teachings of the Bible, the very same Bible that teaches discrimination against gays.

My sincerest hope is that people with conscience, will see through their religious dogmas and realize that all people are deserving of equal human rights. We are all humans on this planet, with the same desire for happiness and well-being and it is truly a shame that there are those who are so selfish as to want to deny the happiness they enjoy to others. Anything that impedes the progress of humans attaining equal rights is wrong … religion has and continues to be a barricade against that freedom for many.




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