The inevitable consequence of being self aware is the sense of being eternal. Once the self emerges into existence it becomes inconceivable to itself that it will cease to exist at some point. The fact of being aware of oneself creates a witness that perceives itself. To be self aware is to have knowledge or information about oneself and be able to communicate with ourselves. The only way we can understand anything is by how it interacts with something else or ourselves giving a point of reference and forming a relationship. To be able communicate and have a relationship with oneself and others is the essence of self consciousness.


Consciousness seems to arise from the complexity of interconnectedness in that we observe inorganic compounds to be much less complex than organic compounds. As organisms become more and more connected and complex, a greater degree of communication is manifest, thus what we call consciousness emerges and evolves to higher and higher levels. Everywhere we look in the natural world one sees growth from simple to complex and what all forms of matter (having more than one part) have in common is some form of connectedness, beginning at the most primitive level. This is what I propose to be a key in understanding how consciousness arose out of matter; when a critical level of complexity is attained consciousness is manifest.


Information is that which is exchanged, or shared through interaction with other parts that are connected in some way this is called communication which forms a relationship and is equivalent to knowledge being gained by those parts that interact to a degree higher than each individual part originally possessed. I posit that innate within every fundamental particle is the potential for communication, interaction and relationship. Degrees of complexity and connections between these fundamental particles seem to be the tipping points which determine what the next level of intelligibility will be. As structures of molecules become exceedingly more complex and connected, so does the level at which consciousness is expressed.


Two fundamental choices are thus posited; everything can either be reduced to its most fundamental material base (material reductionism) or it cannot, those are our only two options. If everything does reduce to a base of fundamental particles then the seeds of consciousness must be contained within them and if not then an outside force must act upon them. I propose the former of the two. My thesis is that every particle contains the potential of consciousness expressed as its innate ability to interact through connections (primitive communication) with other particles. As more and more complexity is attained through these interactions, different levels of consciousness are realized, with the highest level being that of self-consciousness.



Interaction through connection is communication of information which equals consciousness.

Communication is manifest in the language of energy (vibration/wavelength) by which information is exchanged.




Primary: fundamental particles (potential for consciousness)


Secondary: interactions between particles ([positive and negative forces, wavelength/vibration] primitive communication/consciousness)


Tertiary: connections formed between particles ([forming atoms/molecules] inorganic substances do no get beyond this level because of the less complex nature of their molecular connections and how atoms are combined and structured)


Quaternary: complex connections and communication between molecules occur, forming organisms ([consciousness happens at this level] because of how these molecules are structured and connected they can communicate at higher and higher levels)


Quinternary: self-consciousness (highest level of complexity, connectedness and relationship)



The idea of communication through connectedness being the concept which everything shares from the simplest fundamental particles to the most complex self-conscious organisms is what I think is the key to understanding how what we call consciousness arose from matter. Everything must interact “communicate” with something else in order to exist as an independent object needing a point of reference to establish itself as an entity. Communication takes place in the language of wavelengths/vibrations (differences in potential). Beginning with primitive communication between fundamental particles, the potential for complex growth seems to be limitless. As is seen by observation, the more complex the communication of an organism the higher the level of consciousness it can attain…this is what appears to be the connection between communication and consciousness. Everything appears to be based on communication through wavelength interaction to some degree, even the mysterious problem of quantum entanglement is based on some form of communication between separated particles that once interacted and shared a connected “entangled” relationship. This entanglement could possibly be a residual effect from the universe’s beginnings showing everything to be ultimately part of an original unified singularity.


The topic of entanglement and unification brings up another important property of matter that seems to play a role in its ability to manifest consciousness. In order for consciousness to arise out of matter, the organism must unfold from the bottom up. The difference between an object that is made up of separate parts like a computer and then assembled as a unit, versus a biological organism that unfolds out of a single cell might be another aspect of consciousness. Another factor that appears to be necessary for matter to become conscious is that it must unfold out of itself from the “bottom up” which innately makes every part of it able to communicate with itself in a coherent manner on a level that can never be attained through the “top down” assembling of separate parts. Also, objects that are constructed from the top down by a designer with an intended plan in mind and foreknowledge are many times assembled with a “backup” system put in place in case of a breakdown. Take for instance computers; today many are purposely designed with backup hard drives, and power supplies in case of failure, these types of “back up systems” are never found in organisms formed from the bottom up through an evolutionary process.  In most organisms if the brain or heart shuts down life ceases to exist, there are no backup systems to keep the organism alive until it can be repaired. This in and of itself is strong evidence for the natural process evolution uses as the means by which life came into existence. Just imagine what wonderful attributes and qualities could have been added to the human body if people could design their own bodies instead of it being left up to evolutionary chance and natural selection.


Observations of Unification:


  1. Everything shares some degree of connectedness.
    1. Connection through electron sharing (atoms making molecules)
    2. Connection through Fields (like a iron in a magnetic field)
    3. Innate connections from growth through unfolding (like organisms)
  2. All connected objects share communication on some level.
  3. Communication is the sharing of information, thus forming a relationship.
  4. Higher levels of intelligence are manifest with greater degrees of connectedness and communication forming complex relationships.
  5. When individual objects are connected through communication the sum of information is greater then the combination of separate parts, this manifests itself as a relationship.


The product of information sharing “relationship” is another aspect of the evolution of consciousness that needs to be explored along with how matter could also be connected in other ways like organisms that live in the ocean are all connected by water. A force makes up what we think of as empty space which could interact with the particles that enter that space.


I have given my ideas on how I think consciousness emerged, but there still remains the question of what happens to our individual souls/selves once they have been formed. Does consciousness continue on after the demise of the physical body, or does its existence end? These are questions they we may never be able to answer



Creation of the Self through Relationships


The mind seems to emerge from the brain through the brains relationship with the external experience of the world. From the moment of birth the brain begins to experience the external world through our senses, causing the firing of its neurons. Because the human brain is so much bigger and has more neuronal connections then any other species our brains can make a greater number of connections, this in turn leads to a higher development of our consciousness experience. The experience of our relationship with the external world forms impressions in the brain (memories) which personalize the brain forming an individual mind or Self.  It takes a lifetime to create and fully develop what we call the Self…it starts at birth and continues until we die. The first step begins with the ability to experience the relationship between our brains and everything in the world around us. From this relationship emerges an experiencer which is aware of the experience of life and the beginning of self consciousness, for without the experiencer the experience is not realized and without the relationship there is nothing to experience. The experiencer is defined by that which it experiences. It is the relationship between the brain and the experience that unfolds and becomes our individual personalized selves. The experience is manifest through relationship, such as an experiencer being aware of the experience of music which in turn creates a relationship between the two that could be expressed as dance. The experiencer is taken beyond the music itself by the experience of the relationship that forms between the two, consequently adding to the development of the personalized self. Our selves change with each relationship, slowly and sometimes imperceptibly through our lifetimes, which is probably why it seems we are always the same.


It seems fairly certain that consciousness does emerge out of matter, since there has never been one verifiable case of consciousness existing without a body. It appears that the greater the degree of complexity of matter the higher the intellectual level of consciousness. In humans at around two years of age the child becomes aware of its “self” who then can experience a relationship between itself and other things. This relationship is what creates who we are – our individual personalities – which continues to develop throughout our lifetime. Now as to what happens to this “self consciousness/soul” after the body dies is something that will probably never be known, but if it does continue on it could not be the same soul/self that emerges from our bodies because all of what we are depends upon the relationship with our bodies. We are a product of all the relationships experienced in our bodies, thus our “selves” are created out of, united with and inseparable from, the matter of our bodies. Ultimately, until one can define what the nature of consciousness is, one cannot say that it doesn’t come from matter like the brain.

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