Once a person steps outside the confines of their religious box and is open to the way life is specifically calling each of us to share and give of our talents and embrace fully our unique gifts, then we realize there are no limits to what we can do. The key to a full life is freedom, freedom to express every desire and inspiration that wells up within us no matter if you are male or female, allowing those creative forces to bubble up and flow out of our being like living waters. Embracing our whole selves with full integrity and sharing that oneness with others as we travel life’s path. It is only through total freedom to be yourself can one begin to realize their full potential, beginning with that first step of breaking away from the trap of religious bondage that blinds the eye. No advancement of knowledge or rising of consciousness can be made as long as one remains within the confines of religious doctrines and dogmas that only serve to dull the senses and stunt the growth of the mind. Life is an experience of growth and in order for us to grow our minds must be fed with knowledge; otherwise it remains bound in a limited environment like a prison, suffocating for lack of transcendent vision.


I have found in my own life that what I thought was freedom while I was in the grasp of the Christian faith, was merely an imposed false sense of freedom. What was preached as being saved from sin was really a captivating dogma that immersed me in idea that desires of the flesh were bad and searching for knowledge outside of the Christian faith would only lead one down the wrong path into wickedness. This pervasive idea that is taught in the pages of Scripture promotes the mindset that humans are born corrupt by the mere fact of having a fleshly body, and any desire your fleshly body has is automatically bad and needs to be terminated. Only through freedom from that mindset can one truly be released to explore who you are and be able to pursue a meaningful, fulfilling life. Instead of being trapped by the things you aren’t allowed to do because of religious doctrines, become a person who can strive to attain whatever your heart desires. Be all you can be, let nothing stand in your way as you walk the path of life.

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