In order for scientists to make a credible name for themselves, they are held to a very high standard. Not only are rigorous tests imposed upon them, but they are examined by their peers in minute detail and can only have articles published that hold up to scrutiny. Sad to say the same criteria is not applied to those who hold to the biblical account of creation. For the creationist there are no standards but the Bible; there are no peers to review one’s work; only fellow believers, so a creationist needs no evidence to back up his claims; only to state and defend what the Bible says. If a scientist must produce evidence to back up his theories, why is not the same standard applied to the creationist who merely states that because the Bible says that its god created everything it must be so. Of course no such testing can apply to the Bible, because the claims it makes have no evidence to be backed up with. Until such a time when creationists are held to the same standard of accountability as the scientists there can be no equality in comparison of evidence.


Creationists produce no proof of their own to verify the biblical story, they only take what scientists have to offer and try to discredit and disprove scientific theories because they don’t match the claims that are made in the Bible. It is time that people wake up and think for themselves with open minds and come to beliefs based on credible evidence that can be tested and holds up under scrutiny. Would a true god expect anything less? We are humans with minds that reason and think logically, why waste that ability on blind faith that gets a person nowhere? Nothing solid can be built upon a foundation of shifting sand, it only crumbles. We know if the foundation of evolution is false it will fall under the weight of truth; the same holds true for creationism, except it is being supported on the backs of those who refuse to let it go.


It’s hard to conceive of an intelligent mind that would allow itself to be confined and constrained to words written in an archaic book. If indeed there is a god who created male and female in his image, why would he then limit their ability to search for how this wonderful universe was made, and instead have his unlimited knowledge be limited to the constraints of the understanding of primitive minds still in their childhood of growth? The Bible narrows the mind and stifles its ability to learn, keeping those who follow it trapped within the timeframe of its pages. It’s time to imagine a god who is big enough and intelligent enough to have created this marvelous world we live in, and let go of the biblegod who only keeps people trapped in a very narrow mindset.


The wonderful thing about the true scientific approach is that the idea of a god or no god can be set aside. One does not need to posit either view in order to research, explore, experiment and discover. Whether an intelligent mind exists or not, plays no part in discovering how the universe operates, or if evolution is true or false. Christians should indeed applaud scientists, because each new discovery brings us that much closer to finding god, if he does in fact exist.

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