Have you ever wondered why part of God’s plan for sacrificing his son included torturing him? If one looks back at the Hebrew sacrificial system contained in the Bible, held by believers to be given of the biblegod, it doesn’t include torturing the animals that are to be sacrificed. The animals are killed in a humane way by slitting their throats; this wasn’t the case with Jesus. Supposedly the whole plan of salvation, construed in the mind of Yahweh included not only the horrendous death of being crucified, but also the inhumane act of being beaten to a bloody pulp by flogging.


If the biblegod needed a human sacrifice to fulfill his plan of saving people from their sins, why was it necessary to torture that person to death? If it was the death itself that was needed, what was the use of the agonizing torture that led to it? Does Yahweh delight in human suffering? The authors of the Bible seem to think so. God could have chosen to have Jesus killed without torturing him, but he didn’t…why?

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  • Colleen:

    Hi Rose,
    I’ve read through a bit of your blog, and, I found you originally because I’ve been searching for clarification within The Bible myself recently. I found an interesting thread which has been troubling to me (as many of the Old Testament stories are), but, the most troubling is the story of the 32,000 virgins. I’m sure you’re familiar with it, you wrote in depth about it on this thread and I really appreciated your insights. Sadly, the fundamentalist Christian you were conversing with takes all of The Bible, literally, which I don’t believe we can do at all. I believe that this tale of horror that depicts a true genocide upon those innocent people serves it’s purpose to show us, how very lost the people of the time truly were, how much they needed Jesus to show them the way. If you read the New Testament and deeply analyze what we know of the teachings of Christ, you’ll learn that his message was a message of free love and peace for all of humanity. A beautiful message of pure love and joy. Never mind, why the criminals of the day, crucified him, brutally. It was Not God who crucified Jesus. Jesus WAS/IS GOD. God suffered this pain. The pain of the world? For the world? I don’t have all the answers. I only know in my heart that Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Light. We need not fear Hell, or, strive for Heaven, – all of this is man-made Dogma. Our only mission in this life is to truly love and care for each other. Study what we do know of Christ’s life. Pray and Listen…quietly, openly, allow God to reveal himself/herself to you. You don’t need to believe what other people believe…in order to believe. Sending love and light, Colleen

  • Rose:

    Hi Colleen,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I always appreciate people’s feedback. I am very familiar with Christ’s teaching on love, but the deeply troubling thing is that nowhere in all of New Testament is the issue of women’s rights addressed. Jesus did nothing to alleviate the suffering of women as a group at the hands of men who viewed them as the property of the male. The sad thing is that the God that Jesus called his father is the one who gave the oppressive laws against women in the first place. I’m sure you are familiar with the male-bias of the Bible that holds women to be nothing more than the property of men, this teaching starts in the Old Testament and continues on into the New Testament. It’s hard for me to fully believe that Jesus truly understood, or had compassion for the plight of women when he did nothing in the way of speaking out against women being considered property, and subjugated to men.

    All the best,

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